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Community Crew

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This Staff group is in charge of all things community related. We have some dedicated staff to following areas, these are:


Social Media:

  • Twitter: Advertising and promoting RuneHQ.
  • Facebook: Advertising and promoting RuneHQ.


  • Providing requested images for staff (banners, signatures, forum awards).
  • Events posters if we still want to use these.
  • Seasonal logos.
  • Images for social media outlets.


  • Replying to any topics on the RS Help board, answering as quickly and as best they can.
  • Revamping and managing the "Quest Partner" topic.
  • Organizing and Participating in Forum competitions.
  • Congratulating members of the community in the achievements section.

Events Team:

  • Organize and participate in In-game events.
  • Update the Official Events board, Calendar, Discord (#events-and-competitions), and front page with upcoming events.



Community Crew members have a Rank Image next to all their posts, saying "Community Crew".


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