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[Submission Added]Druidic Ritual


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A few suggestions based off following this guide....


Raw rat meat, Raw bear meat, Raw chicken, and Raw beef should be listed as items need to complete quest, not items required to start quest.


Also, the locations to obtain these should be in the guide somewhere. I recommended the following locations, although someone else might have better.



First, teleport to Lumbridge, then follow the directions below to acquire each required item.

Raw Beef - Kill a cow in the pen North East of Lumbridge

Raw Chicken - Kill a chicked at the farm just Northeast of the cow pen

Raw Bear Meat- Kill the bear northwest of the chicken farm, just southeast of Varrock

Raw Rat meat - Kill the Rat just north of the Bear



On Step 3, Taverley Dungeon should be capitalized. 


Step 5 currently reads: Talk to Sanfew and he'll be grateful and tell you to visit Kaqemeex for your Herblore skill training. 

I recommend changing this to: Talk to Sanfew, who will be grateful  and ask you to visit Kaqemeex for your Herblore skill training.

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