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[Submission Added]The Queen of Thieves Quest Guide (with Pictures)


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The Queen of Thieves

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short

Quest Requirements:
Client of Kourend

Skill/Other Requirements:
20 Thieving
20% Piscarilius House Favour

Item Requirement:
1 Stew (can be made in the area or bought from GE)

Recommended Items:
Weight Reduction Equipment, such as full Graceful
Stamina Potions or Super Energy Potions

Items Acquired During Quest:

Quest Points:

2k Thieving Experience
2k Coins
Access to The Warrens
Piscarilius favour certificate (worth 10% favour)
A memoir page for the Kharedst's Memoirs. "The Fisher's Flute"

Start Point:
Outside the bank in Port Piscarilius.

To Start:
Speak with Tomas Lawry.

1. Talk to Tomas Lawry outside of the bank in Port Piscarilius.


2. Your goal now is to infiltrate the new gang that has formed named: Saviors of Kourend. Speak to the poor looking man or poor looking woman in the house west of the starting point.


3. Head south, past the bridge and in the house on the west to speak with Robert O'Reilly and he will ask for a stew.


Note: If you did not bring a stew with you, you will need to purchase the items from Kenelme in the house to the west, as well as a bowl from the general store to the southeast.


4. Make your way to the manhole to the east and climb down it.


5. Head south from where you entered and cross the bridge, continuing west until you reach Devan Rutter by the fish stall. Speak with him to continue.


6. Head back up the manhole and go east, to the dock on the southern side of the Piscarilius mess hall. Find Conrad King there and murder him.


Note: You can choose any option here. Regardless of what you pick, you will murder him brutally.

7. Return to Devan Rutter down the manhole, then enter the tent (go-through doorway) and speak with the Queen of Thieves.


8. Return above-ground again and head to the house east of the Hosidius General Store. (The top house in the row.) Picklock the chest in the house to find a letter.


9. Take the letter back to Tomas Lawry to show it to him.

10. He will forget about the Queen of Thieves and tell you that no reward is better than feeling useful. Return to the Queen of Thieves (now named Lady Shauna Piscarilius), for your reward.


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That is awesome ^.^ Kinda exciting tbh 😛

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1) The locations are correct.

2) The door does not need to be lockpicked. The door is already open and there is even a back entrance that doesn't have a door and you can even use it to just walk right in. *chest only*

EDIT: I took entire screenshot for each step and just cropped the pic and moved the minimap inside of the crop-area. In case that could be a concern, all the minimaps are from the same pic as where I spoke with each person. -- Also, I didn't add, but Kenelme's Store is right next to Robert O'Reilly (in the same building, if you look at minimaps provided.)

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