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Lack of support / Hacked acc

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I wanted to email or contact someone on the Jagex team I am thankful you were able to restore my account.

Yet the person that hacked from elsewhere michroned me acc an even sold me stuff on the grand exchange as can see via history 
if you have tracking cookies you know my location as did when restored my account knowing I was away 10 yrs ish 
vs what ever happened when matter's were not in my control an whom likely stolen an destroyed all item's inclusive member bonds due to trades made during the time of theft
/ I know it's a lot to ask even if you can look at my player's grand exchange history a lot of my gear is missing

Doubts you could restore all stolen equipment but even if just one of them stolen bond's were returned as can see sold were I got nothing for such would grant one membership
at least so can grind me other item's back in play ,

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Hi Vodkas1,

As you can see we are only a Runescape Community, so we are not in touch with Jagex themselves.

However i can give you a link to try recover your account from their website: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207217595-Hijacked-account

I hope this will help you.

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