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  1. Um Pop achievement done! Get tooled up done!
  2. Stones Thrown away done! Made all hidey-holes done!
  3. Gzzzzz pandaman!
  4. I am right behind you!
  5. Hehe... i finally did a thing, froze my feathers off for it and maybeeeee died 1 time at a perfect killstreak. Got 1K Arch-glacor enrage and a nice bronze title with it! 2K enrage maybe in 5 years??
  6. Yeah yeah rub it in.... Since i lost the race from @SyAccursed. However i finally achieved 200M all!!
  7. We really don`t have much guides on Oldschool since most of our staff plays RS3.
  8. Hello, this topic has been locked. There are many possible reasons for this... the question you are asking has been answered, you may have posted in the wrong forum, the topic could be degenerating into/has already started a flame war, the posts were straying too far from the original topic. Your topic may have also expired. This means that no one has posted on it for a while, and it would be better to start a new topic to keep the conversation fresh. This list of reasons that your topic may have been closed is given instead of a specific reason because moderators have the option to close multiple topics at once, with this standard reply added to the topic. This is much faster than closing multiple topics manually, and gives us more time for our other work. If you have any further questions as to why this topic was closed, let me encourage you to check the FAQs, and to PM me if you do not find the answer there. Have a nice RuneHQ day.
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