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New & Established Members

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New Members

This is the first group all members will be a part of. Members in this group can be identified by their names in Italic font and have a few restrictions. A New Member gets automatically promoted to Established Member after having made a certain number of posts (10 - 25).


Note: Spamming our boards to raise your rank will get you disciplined and comes with the chance of getting your post count reset.

It isn't too hard to reach the post count to become an Established Member. Check out the Accomplishments or Boss and Skillpet Drop boards and you should easily be able to congratulate enough people to become an Established Member. Your other option would be to purchase an Advanced Membership.




RHQ Established Members

This is the group where Normal Members who have shown to be active are on the forums. This group has no restrictions and should be able to use the forums freely. Most people remain in this group for their entire time on RuneHQ, unless they choose to purchase Advance Membership.


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