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Becoming a Moderator

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New members are discouraged from applying for staff positions; particularly for the Moderator position. Without posts we have nothing to go on to evaluate your character and/or grammar. It is suggested that you make enough good quality posts to become an Established Member(EM) before you apply for staff positions. Posting 1 word posts or smiley faces just to get EM will not be acceptable!


How do I become a Moderator on RuneHQ?

First, NEVER EVER ask another Moderator or another member of RuneHQ Staff to become a Moderator. We are looking for people who SHOW us they can do the job, not people who are asking for it.

Second, if you apply to become a Moderator, please don't think that you will be a Moderator the day after. Many people have been wonderful members for YEARS and are still not Mods.

You will only be chosen if you are a good member and follow the Forum Rules.


To become a Moderator, wait until you see an announcement along the lines of...."We Are Looking For Forum Moderators!" That will be the time to fill out an application. Be sure to read every single little thing about being a Moderator; down to the requirements, what we look for in staff, plus the list of jobs and activities you would be held accountable for.


When you send your application, don't just write "I WANT TO B3 M0d PLZ CH00SE ME!" You have to write a detailed description answering all the questions on the application form. Remember, spelling and proper grammar count! For example:

  1. Why do you want to be a Moderator?
  2. Why should YOU become a Moderator - what separates you from everyone else?
  3. Why are you applying to the Forum Moderators instead of any of our other positions?
  4. How many hours a week (on average) do you spend on RuneHQ and when will you be available to moderate?


After you have done this, you will get a PM (usually within 1-3 weeks from the time the application was posted to when it was closed), either saying your application has been accepted or your application has been rejected. If you have been rejected, it is not the end of the world and don't think you can never apply again. You must wait 60 days before you can re-apply, but it doesn't count against you. Keep trying! Remember, don't give us 1-2 word answers for each question. Give as much detail as is appropriate for your answer.


If the person choosing the Moderators wants you to become Moderator, you will have to provide some sort of identification [for the sake of security] giving us proof of who you are.

  • For members who are older than 18, you will need a valid government ID card (driver's license, ID card)

Once you've submitted your form of ID you will be given a link to all the information your job will require of you. Its pretty long and it is in your best interest to read everything. Absorb it, reread it multiple times before trying the big test for your new job. There's no rush once you are notified, you can take up to a week to learn the information. The more you know in the beginning and off the top of your head, the easier your training will be.


If you pass...congratulations and welcome! However, if nerves catch up to you and you fail, you will be given a second chance and one week to retake the test. If a certain part gave you trouble, go back and read up on that section and/or ask another Mod. They may have the information you need.


What can Moderators do?

  • Moderators can do many things, some which include:
  • Locking threads
  • Moving threads
  • Enforcing the RuneHQ rules

This is only a fraction of what Moderators can do. They are busy most of the time; never a dull moment. Moderators are trusted to do these tasks because the higher authorities trust that member, believe they are up to the challenge and are hard workers. Don't think it'll be a walk in the park. It never is. Some days the work is easier and some days problems multiply, but working together with your fellow Moderators and your Manager [your boss] lessens the stress; together we're united.



Why are Moderators chosen?

Moderators are chosen for the fact that they have been loyal to the site, have helped out, in some way, shape, or form, and have been nice to everyone. They are trusted by Site Admins and Forum Managers to help out and greet new members. Moderators are chosen not because they are someone who has a lot of posts. It's because they have posted good things, have shown the ability to be polite and helpful, and also have the ability to write in a way that can be understood by the majority of forum.

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