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Avatar, Cover Photo, Signature, and Underbanners

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An avatar is the picture in the top left hand corner of all of your posts, underneath your forum name. You can upload a file of up to 2 kb and it will allow you to select a 80X80 circular portion of the image to focus on.

These are examples of an Avatar:

image.png.ddfc84444d7af64b3b50073fa0bda5e7.png       image.png.0ea826f90ee04ee09870b0620402618e.png 


Cover Photo

This photo is only seen at the top of your profile page. It can be up to 490 kb in size and will typically display a 250px tall slice from the top of the image. The remainder of the photo will be displayed if clicked.




A signature, or sig, is what is underneath all of your posts. You do not need one, but they look nice and can tell people information, like what combat level you are, something you support, or something you are proud of. Signatures do not need to be pictures, they can just be writing, or links, or writing with links and picture (See Underbanner). It's up to you.

An underbanner is just a smaller version of a signature and is put into your signature box as well. They are mainly used to show information, be colorful links to places, or to show off a specific achievement or allegiance. To add or change an underbanner just follow the links to your signature, as they are added under, over, or instead of your signature of choice.




Please note:

  • All Avatars, Cover Photos, Signatures, and Underbanners must follow all of the RuneHQ rules and guidelines.
  • Avatars and Cover Photos are based upon the file size as opposed to the image size. Try using different file types and resizing if your desired one will not fit.
  • The TOTAL size of your Signature and Underbanner cannot exceed 600 X 250 pixels.
    • However, you can "surpass" the height restriction by putting either one or more of the images within a spoiler to hide it until opened.


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