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BBC - What it is and How to Use it

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BBCode is a way to edit the appearance of your posts. All codes require a starting tag and a closing tag. It starts with [NAME] and ends with [/NAME].


When adding a topic or making a reply, directly above the textbox are a number of buttons. These buttons are the most commonly used BBCodes. Click on one of the buttons and the starting and closing tags will appear. You should type any text you want to be transformed with that style between the two tags.


The following is a list of the ones found in your text box and what they do:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline.
  • Strikethrough
  • Creates a spoiler
  • Spoiler

    see..... or not

  • Clears formatting for selected text. This will reset it to the default size and color.
  • Opens a window so you can add a link to selected text; like this one that takes you to the forum rules.
  • Makes a quote box
  • Quote

    like this one


  • Opens a window where you can insert coding
  • Emojis :classic_love:
  • Adds/removes a bulleted list (as you see here)
  1. Adds/removes a numerical list
  • Aligns text to the left
  • Aligns text to the center
  • Aligns text to the right
    • Indents your text, allowing you to create tiered lists in both bullet or numerical form
  • Allows for color change  of text background.
  • Allows for color change of text
  • Allows for size change of text
  • Allows you to preview your text before submitting



There are more BB Codes in the wide world of the web, however, these are the ones that can be found here to help you personalize your posts.


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