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Can I copy RuneHQ's guides and put them on my site?

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Can I copy RuneHQ's guides and put them on my site?

No, you cannot copy any of the content or the images as they are copyrighted by RuneHQ. Any one found copying our guides could face legal action.

Do not even ask if you can use our guides or images, the answer is, and always will be, NO!

If you see our guides on other websites, please contact a Site Administrator immediately.



What if I change the words and sentences used?

You still cannot use our guides or images as they are copyrighted and that would be plagiarism. If we find you copying any of our content, you may face legal action.



What if I translate the Guides?

This still is not allowed as everything on this site is copyrighted by RuneHQ. It is possible that you will get in trouble if we find your website containing any of our guides or images.



I submitted this guide to RuneHQ so I can use it on my site too, right?

Once you have submitted something to RuneHQ, it becomes RuneHQ's intellectual property. You are no longer the owner of the guide, RuneHQ is. As such, you cannot put this guide on your site.



Why are we so strict about this?

Our users have done a lot of work writing these Guides. The Administrators have done a lot of work setting up this whole system and getting everything coded and put on the RuneHQ web site. All our guides are updated and the staff and members here on RuneHQ have worked hard updating every guide.

It would be completely unfair if people were allowed to take the guides we worked on for many hours. Therefore, we have copyrighted our Guides and will not allow any site to copy them. We have made the guides, spent our time working hard on all the content found on this site, therefore we protect what we have made and thus you cannot use them.

We are one of the top RuneScape Fan sites and also one of the biggest. It is likely people would try to steal our content and hence we have to be strict. Legal action could be taken against people that violate copyright laws.




Copying content is copyright breach and this matter is very serious not only on RuneHQ, but all over the internet.


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