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Managing Personal Messages

RuneHQ Robot

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In the top right corner of your screen you will notice an envelope icon. Clicking this icon opens a small window where you can view messages in your inbox, go to your inbox, and compose a new message.


When you have a new personal message, a window will appear that shows you

  • Who sent the message.
  • How long ago they sent it.
  • A brief portion of the message


You can choose to "Read full message" or to "Report post" on this window. You can exit this window by clicking anywhere off of it or by hitting the X in the top right corner. Once the window closes, the envelope icon will have a number above it indicating how many unread messages you have in your inbox, unless you chose to view the full message.



When you visit your Inbox, on the left side of the screen you will find your list of messages. Above this box you can choose to "Compose New" messages or, if you click "Inbox" you can manage your inbox folders. Clicking the gear icon will allow you to mark all messages read, as well as give you the option to rename or empty your current folder. Note: your main inbox will not have the rename option, just the mark all read and empty choices.


Clicking on one of the messages in this area will present it to in in the section to the right of this box.  Along the top you will find the message title (green) and all active participants (light blue), as well as a button to add more people to the conversation.


Each message you will see: who sent it, when, and a Report button (red). This can be used to report users that send you any private messages that break RHQ Rules. This is not to report someone for talking to you; if you do not wish to receive messages from someone, be sure to add them to your Ignore list.


On the top right, you will also notice an "Options" button which will allow you to move the message to a specific folder as well as the ability to mute or delete the conversation.




This concludes our quick run-down on how to use the Personal Message system. If you have any other questions please feel free to PM a Moderator and ask.


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