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As you are browsing throughout the RuneHQ site, you may come across advertisements for various places/things. The reason these advertisements are here are to help pay for the site running costs. This is necessary to cover the cost of things such as hosting.


Most of the advertisements are small and unobtrusive, and will likely advertise things that are linked with Runescape.


Since RuneHQ depends on Advertisements to pay our server costs, we ask you not use Ad Blocking software on RuneHQ as this will hurt our revenue and can lead to us having to stop providing this great site for your Runescape enjoyment.


Because a second party provides these advertisements, sometimes inappropriate advertisements are displayed on rare occasions. This is where you can help by being vigilant. If you spot an advertisement that is inappropriate then you can PM a member of the Administrator staff group. It's very important that you include the URL to the site, and not a picture. Administrators are unable to edit out an ad unless you include the URL.

  • To find out the URL, you can either right click the advert, click on "Properties" and copy the website URL. Or hover your cursor over the advertisement and check your status bar at the bottom left of your browser page.


To find a Site Administrator to PM:

  1. Open the staff index, located here.
  2. Choose an administrator to contact (Excluding Mr Stormy and Stormys_Amazon).
  3. Click the "Message" button just below their name and send them the URL, as mentioned above.


None of the advertisements that are shown on this site are illegal, Do Not PM saying that they are.

Please note: normal RuneScape rules will still apply. This is including, but not limited to, Real World Item Trading, which specifies that one cannot do any kind of trade between in-game services or items and actual money or any kind of real world commodities.


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