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Someone Sent Me a Personal Message That Breaks The Rules, What Now?

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If you receive a personal message that breaks any of the RuneHQ rules, simply report the message and a Moderator will apply the appropriate actions. The report button can be found at the top of each message, just below their name.


If you are constantly being PM'ed by a user and don't like it, you can add them to your Block list. There is no reason to contact any Staff members unless the offender's PM breaks any of the RuneHQ rules.


In order to ignore a user...

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of your screen and select "Ignored Users".
    • image.png
  2. Type their name into the box and select the correct user. Then select the boxes for where you wish to ignore them.
    • image.png
  3. Click "Add User" and they will be added to your list so you will no longer have to worry about them.


Note: Do NOT add staff to your blocked list. We are here to help you and others enjoy the site. If there is an issue with someone on staff, please contact their Manager or an Admin. Thank you!


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