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Reporting a Post or Topic

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If you notice a topic or a post that violates the RuneHQ rules, you should report it by clicking on the report button to the top left corner of that post. The report button looks like this:


When your cursor is close, or over the button it will brighten like so:


A window will appear where you can explain why the topic or post is breaking the rules. You do not have to include the link to the page.


When you click submit, the report will be sent to the Moderator Team for review. The topic will show no changes once it has been reported.


If it shows an inappropriate image or link, and no moderators are currently on, please immediately notify any other staff member that is on so that they may hide the message from public viewing. In order to tell who is on at that moment, go to the main forum page and scroll to the bottom; here you will find who is currently online, both staff and regular users. Staff is easily distinguished by the special colors; Purple text for Moderators and blue for Managers/Admins. You can also find them on the Staff list if you are unsure you are contacting the a member of staff.




Why Does RuneHQ use the Reports System?

RuneHQ uses the reports system because of the forum's epic proportions. If the moderators had to search every single topic and every single post, moderating would be much harder than it is now. The reports system also gives RuneHQ members a way to contribute to the boards to make an enjoyable atmosphere.


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