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Guidelines for Monsters Database

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Please use this template to post the images/information:
Monster Name:
Type of Submission:
Proofshot Image:
Combat Level:
Slayer XP:
Max Hit:
Attack Style:
Total Combat XP:
Member (Yes or No):
Retreats (Yes or No):
Poisonous (Yes or No):
Rare Drop Table (Yes or No):
100% Drop:
Other Loot:
Other Info:
Examine Info:
Proofshot of Examine:
Submitted by:

Explanation for each part:
Monster Name: Needs to be 100% exact. (Exact capitals, etc).
Type of Submission: "Edit" if the monster already exists in our Database and you wish to edit the info we have. "Add" if the monster is not yet at all in our Database.
Image: Please check the Guidelines for Images for submitted images
Proofshot Image: Needs to show the monster AND the options box of the monster. E.G.:
Race: Must be one of the following:

  • Animal
  • Animated
  • Arachnid
  • Demon
  • Dragon
  • Dwarf
  • Elemental
  • Elf
  • Giant
  • Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Human
  • Ogre
  • Troll
  • Undead

Combat Level: Combat level of the monster (should appear in the Proofshot Image).
Lifepoints: The amount of lifepoints the monster has. Kill several of each monster to obtain to be 100% sure as monsters sometimes regenerate a few LP. You my also cast the lunar spell "Monster Examine" on a monster that has not been attacked and take a proofshot.
Slayer XP: How much XP you gain per monster when given this monster as a slayer assignment.
Max hit: The maximum damage a monster can deal in one hit. You must cast the lunar spell "Monster Examine" on a monster and take a proofshot.



Attack Syle: The attack styles that a monster uses (Melee/Magic/Ranged or combined)

Total Combat XP: Total combat xp gained from killing this monster (excluding slayer/prayer xp). This number should show up on the xp counter if setup for total xp right after the kill as well as in the xp popup.
Member: Check if the monster is accessible/attackable on a F2P world.
Retreats: Does the monster retreat? E.G.: stops attacking, teleports away.

Poisonous: Can the monster poison you?

Rare Drop Table: Does the monster drop items from the rare drop table, besides its own personal droptable. Items part of the rare drop table are listed here. https://www.runehq.com/special/rare-drop-table
Weakness: The weakness of the monster. E.G.: Range attacks, Fire spells, Crush attacks, Salve amulet.
Location: Where the monster can be found (city, dungeon, etc)
100% Drop: The items the monster always drops upon its death. E.G.: Ashes, Big bones.
Other Loot: The items the monster drops beside the 100% drop. Please make sure to list the item in alphabetic order and to use the correct name of the item as in the items database. Always use the singular (unless the plural is in the name). Specify the number in parenthesis, but only if the monster drops 2 or more at a time. It the item is noted, also specify this in parenthesis. This list also generates the Dropped By field in the Items Database. E.G.: Coal (2) (noted)"
Other Info: Any other info about the monster that won't fit in other fields.
Examine Info: The text that appears when clicking the "Examine" option of the monster in-game. Needs to be 100% exact. (Including capitals, punctuation marks, spelling/grammar errors).
Proofshot of Examine: An image showing the Examine Info ingame. E.G.:
Submitted by: This should list the names of all the members who helped with the submission in any way.



Automatically Generated Fields:
The information for the following fields doesn't need to be submitted. We have scripts which calculate these information for these fields using some of the above mentioned information.

Constitution: Calculated by a script using the Total Combat XP
Combat: Calculated by a script using the Total Combat XP

Feel free to PM Content Manager with questions regarding these guidelines.

Thanks for helping RuneHQ.

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