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Guidelines for Items Database

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Please use this template to post the images/information:

Item Name:

Type of Submission (Edit or Add):


Proofshot Image:

Shop Price Currency:

Specialty Shop Price:

High Alchemy Reward:

Low Alchemy Reward:


GE Buy Limit:

Tradable (Yes or No):

Stackable (Yes or No):

Can be equipped (Yes or No):

Member-Only (Yes or No):

Retain After Quest (Yes, No or N/A):

Is a 2-handed weapon (Yes or No):

Item Category:

Equipment Location:

Equipment Purpose:

Item Stats:


Examine Info:

Proofshot of Examine:

Item Effects/Uses:

Requirements to Wear/Wield/Use/Make:

Location/Where Found:

Other Information:

Submitted by:

Explanation for each part:

Item Name: Needs to be 100% exact. (Exact capitals, etc).

Type of Submission: "Edit" if the item already exists in our Database. "Add" if the item is not in our Database at all.

Image: Please check the Guidelines for Images for submitted images

Proofshot Image: Needs to show the item AND the options box of the item, including the name of the item. E.g:


Shop Price Currency: What type of currency is it bought with? Must be one of the following:




Trading Sticks


Castle Wars Tickets

Pizzaz Points

Agility Arena Tickets

Ranging Guild Tickets

Pieces of Eight

Fist of Guthix Tokens

Runecrafting Guild Tokens

Reward Credits

Dungeoneering Reward Tokens

Loyalty Points

Runespan Points

Contribution Points

Competence Points

Rusty Coins


Specialty Shop Price: The price a specialty store SELLS the item for (Not General Store).

High Alchemy Reward: The amount of coins you get for casting the spell "High Alchemy" on the item, OR the price a Specialized shop will BUY this item from to you.

Low Alchemy Reward: The amount of coins you get for casting the spell "Low Alchemy" on the item, OR the price a General Store will BUY this item for from you.

GEID: This is the ID number of the item when looked up on the Runescape Grand Exchange. If it doesn't appear on the GE, just leave it blank.

GE Buy Limit: The maximum number of this item can can be bought from the GE at a time.

Tradable: Is the item tradable to other players?

Stackable: Does the item only take one spot in the inventory or not? E.g: coins, runes, and arrows.

Quest Item: Do you first encounter the item during a quest, as a tool for or a reward from the quest?

Retain After Quest: YES if the item is a quest item and it is kept after the quest is over OR can be recovered in some way. E.G.: Bought from an NPC, Player made. NO if the item is a Quest item, but only exists within the quest. N/A if the item is not a Quest item.

Is a 2-handed weapon: Can you wield a shield while you have this item equipped.

Member-Only: Check if the item is Member only by taking it to a F2P world.

Item Category: To what category belongs this item? It needs to be one of the following:



Armor and Clothing










Food and Cooking



Item sets


Magic and Runes

MiniGame and MiniQuest

Mining and Smithing

Prayer and Bones

Quest Items




Treasure Trails


Wood and Fire


Equipment Location: Where does it belong in the Equipped Inventory window? Choose from the spoiler below:


Not Equipment


Capes and Cloaks

Amulets and Necklaces



Body Armour and Robes

Off-Hand Equipment

Leg Armour and Robes

Gloves and Bracers





Equipment Purpose: What's the purpose of the equipment? Choose from the spoiler below:


Not Equipment

Warrior Equipment

Archer Equipment

Mage Equipment

Prayer Equipment

Multipurpose Equipment

Dungeon Warrior Equipment

Dungeon Archer Equipment

Dungeon Mage Equipment

Item Stats: The stats Armor/Weapons will give you when equipped. See the spoiler below for all the available stats.




Strength Bonus

Magic Bonus

Ranged Bonus

Attack Style (N/A, Crushing, Slashing, Stabbing, Arrow, Bolt, Thrown)

Attack Speed (N/A, Fastest, Fast, Average, Slow, Slowest)

Class (N/A, All, Melee, Ranged, Magic, Hybrid)


Life Bonus

Prayer Bonus


Weight: The weight of the item as shown in the stats window.

Examine Info: The text that appears when clicking the "Examine" option of the item in-game. Needs to be 100% exact. (Including capitals, punctuation marks, even spelling/grammar errors).

Proofshot of Examine: An image showing the Examine Info in-game. E.G.:


Item Effects/Uses: All effects an item gives. NOT the stats Armor/Weapons give. E.G.: Increases your Strength by 4 levels. Also all uses an item has. For example: Used for the Dragon Slayer Quest OR Used for making Defence Potions.

Requirements to Wear/Wield/Use/Make: Level and Quest requirements to wear, wield, use and/or make an item. E.G: Rune platebody requires: 40 Defence and Dragon Slayer quest to wear; 99 smithing to make (Exp: 375).

Location/Where Found: All places you can get this item from. If it can be made, use "Player made (See Notes)".

Other Information: Add all info relevant to this item here, that is not yet covered by other fields. Do not repeat information already in another section. E.G.: how to make the item, the exact use of a quest item in the quest.

Submitted by: This should list the names of all the members who helped with the submission in any way.


Dropped By Field:
We cannot change the information this field by updating/editing the item itself. If there is another monster that drops the item then you will have to submit an edit to that monster entry with the drop you wish to be added. Once the monster database has been edited, the monster will then also automatically show up in the dropped by field of that item.


Automatically Generated Fields:
The information for the following fields doesn't need to be submitted. We have scripts which calculate these information for these fields using some of the above mentioned information.

Grand Exchange Market price: Gathered by a script using the Grand Exchange ID
Grand Exchange Price Change Today: Gathered by a script using the Grand Exchange ID
Grand Exchange Change 30 Days (%): Gathered by a script using the Grand Exchange ID
Grand Exchange Change 90 Days (%): Gathered by a script using the Grand Exchange ID
Grand Exchange Change 180 Days (%): Gathered by a script using the Grand Exchange ID


Feel free to PM a Content Manager with questions regarding these guidelines.

Thanks for helping RuneHQ.

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