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Guidelines for Persons Database

RuneHQ Robot

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Please use this template to post the images/information:
Person Name:
Type of Submission:
Proofshot Image:
Person Info:
Examine Info:
Proofshot of Examine:
Member-Only (Yes or No):
Submitted By:

Explanation for each part:
Person Name: Needs to be 100% exact. (Exact capitals, etc).
Type of Submission: "Edit" if the person already exists in our Database and you wish to edit the info we have. "Add" if the person is not yet at all in our Database.
Image: Please check the Guidelines for Images for submitted images
Proofshot Image: Needs to show the person AND the options box of the person. E.G.:
Quest: List the quests that this person is involved in.
City: The city where the person is to be found, or the nearest city.
Profession: The main profession of the person. Be generic! E.G.: Merchant, Cook, King.
Person Info: Any other info about the person that won't fit in other fields.
Location: Detailed location of the person (building, floor, direction) and an image of the spot on the worldmap with the "You are here" on. The image has to be taken with the zoom-option set to 100%, and afterwards cropped down to 200x200 pixels. The image needs to be as close as we can get it. Persons are able to move, and may not being in the same spot. A person does stick to a general area though. Please try to get as exact as possible. E.G.:
Members-Only: Check if the person can be found on a F2P world.
Examine Info: The text that appears when clicking the "Examine" option of the person in-game. Needs to be 100% exact. (Including capitals, punctuation marks, even spelling/grammar errors).
Proofshot of Examine: An image showing the Examine Info in-game. E.G.:
Submitted by: This should list the names of all the members who helped with the submission in any way.

Feel free to PM Content Manager with questions regarding these guidelines.

Thanks for helping RuneHQ.


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