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Guidelines for MiniQuest Guides

RuneHQ Robot

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Please use this template to post the images/information:

MiniQuest Name:

Type of Submission:

Member-Only (Yes or No):


Quests Required:

Levels Required:

Items Needed:

Items Recommended:


Starting Point:


Written By:

Updates By:


Explanation for each part:

Mini-Quest Name: Needs to be 100% exact. (Exact capitals, etc).

Type of Submission: "Edit" if the miniquest already exists in our Database and you wish to edit the info we have. "Add" if the miniquest is not yet at all in our Database.

Members-Only: Check to see if the miniquest is also F2p.

Description: Short introduction of the miniquest.

Quests Required: Quest requirements for the miniquest.

Levels Required: Skill requirements for the miniquest.

Items Needed: Items you need to complete the mini-quest.

Items Recommended: Items that aren't needed but may be useful (ex: teleport methods)

Rewards: The rewards you gain upon successfully completing the miniquest.

Starting Point: The location of where to begin the miniquest.

Instructions: The steps of the miniquest: in order, with an image for each step (preferably).

Written by: This should list the names of the members who wrote the guide.

Updates by: This should list the names of all the members who helped with the guide in any way (spelling, corrections, small additions).



Feel free to PM Content Manager with questions regarding these guidelines.


Thanks for helping RuneHQ.

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