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Treasure Trail Guide Guidelines

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Updates and additions to our Treasure Trails guide can be posted in the Activities, Mini-Games, Mini-Quest, and Task Guides submission forum. Please only post submissions in that forum.


  • Make sure you have thoroughly searched the current guide before posting an update.
  • You must provide a proofshot before the clue will be updated, so that we have the exact wording and grammar. This is important because people search by the exact words. Jagex has made many 'minor' updates to wording of some clues, so we need to be able to tell if it is a new clue or a revised clue.



Please use this template to post the images/information:
Clue Type:


Template Explanations
Clue: Needs to be 100% exact. (Including capitals, punctuation marks, even spelling/grammar errors).
Clue Type: The type of the clue. This will enable us to find and update the clue much faster. E.G.: Talk To clue, Emote clue, Coordinate clue.
Image/Proofshot: Please check the Guidelines for Images for submitted images. In case of a Map Clue, you must provide us with an image.
Location/Solution: The solution of the clue.

Feel free to PM Content Manager with questions regarding these guidelines.

Thanks for helping RuneHQ.

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