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Guidelines for Guides

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All guides must be written with as much detail as possible and in a manner as not to be complicated reading. Most of the users that play Runescape are young.


Structure Your Guide:

Sort the guide out in sections. Each section should be a stand alone part of the guide like after talking to an npc or the activity in one location before moving to another. Each section should be listed with a number so members can easily back track if they lose their place.


For example:

  1. Talk to bob, who will tell you that his plants need watering.
  2. Head out into bobs back garden, pick up the near by watering can and water his plants


Detailed Explanation:

Make sure that any places you need to go are given in detail. It's all very well that it may have been easy for you to find but someone else may have difficulty. Players may have to encounter challenging NPC's. There is no use just saying something along the lines of "Go to Varrok and kill Bob." For all the reader knows Bob could be a level 100 mage and they head to him unprepared in Rune armor and die. Warn the readers about the enemy and explain with details on its particular weakness and attack patterns. Warn the user about any hidden dangers in detail. You maybe a level 120+ player and the danger maybe different to you from other players. You need to take into account lower level players will be using your guide and dangers that may not be dangerous to you could be dangerous to other players. 


For example:

  1. Head to the South Western part of Falador to the bank. Watch out for aggressive guards (level 36) along the way.
  2. When you have made it to the bank, withdraw melee armor, a weapon and a decent amount of food as you will have to fight a level 120 Werewolf.
  3. Make your way to the market area of Falador and enter Bob's jewelery shop along the northern side of the market.
  4. Before you talk to Bob, turn on the Protect from Melee prayer. Now talk to Bob, who will turn into a Werewolf (level 120). Attack him but beware of his special attacks, in the form of quick slashes. His special can deal up to 30 damage.



Do NOT abbreviate:

Abbreviations may be easier to type but they are hard to understand and members may get the wrong message. Also avoid abbreviating because they make your guide one of poor quality.


For example:

  1. Go 2 fally nd head to the wildy. go N past grn drgs, kbd 2 rr. When u get 2 rr head W 2 gdz. Equip a dfs nd talk 2 Bob.

should be

  1. Go to Falador and head into the Wilderness. Go North past Green Dragons, King Black Dragon to Rune Rocks. When you get to Rune Rocks, head West to the Greater Demons. Once there, equip a Dragonfire shield and talk to Bob.



An unchecked guide looks sloppy and people pick up on spelling/grammar mistakes quickly. Open a text processing program and use its spelling/grammar checker or ask someone to read it over.


Proper punctuation:

Punctuating your guide only takes a minute at the end to read through and do, you can even do it as you type. It makes the guide look neater and makes it easier to read and understand.



Feel free to PM Content Manager with questions regarding these guidelines.


Thanks for helping RuneHQ.

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