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Our Goal

Here at RuneHQ we take great pride in making sure all information is up to date and accurate. Our community is one of our strongest sources of this. By submitting, you not only strengthen our databses, you also become part of the development as well. There are no trivia submissions. Even the smallest details can aid our community.




To make our job easier, and to ensure that the information gets updated as quickly as we can, we ask that when you submit any info that you make sure to include the following:

  1. The step or field in question (This is very important).
  2. As detailed information as you can about the issue.
  3. Proper spelling and easy to understand substitutions.
  4. Screenshot if possible. This will speed up the confirmation process.



What are submissions?

  1. Areas or fields that have been altered due to game changes or over time development.
  2. Tips on making the information easier to understand or less confusing.
  3. Additional safe spots, travel, items needed, or recommendations.
  4. Updated images.
  5. Removal of information that is no longer relevant or existing.



Thank You

RuneHQ would like to offer our appreciation for helping us help you. All members who supply information that is added into our site are fully credited.

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