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RuneHQ Staff List!

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Site Owners

  • crowngold.gifMrStormy
    • MrStormy/Gene created RuneHQ with Dravan in October 2003, he put a lot of time, dedication, love and effort into our site to make it thrive and always strived for us to be the number one RuneScape Fansite. Gene sadly passed away early in 2015. He will be deeply missed and will never be forgotten for all the hard work that he did for our wonderful site and community.
  • crowngold.gifMrsStormy
    • Gene's wife has lovingly carried on Gene's legacy after his passing. We owe our continued presence to her dedication to Gene's memory. Thank you for your efforts! <3
  • crowngold.gifDRAVAN
    • Dravan has been with RuneHQ since the beginning. As time moves on he is slated to become the next torch bearer when MrsStormy can no longer continue.




      • crowngold.gifAlfawarlord
        • Alfawarlord is responsible for the RuneHQ Clan Chat, Clan Staff, and Community Crew. Feel free to contact him with all issues concerning the RuneHQ Clan.
      • crowngold.gifChathMurrpau
        • ChathMurrpauis responsible for the Content Editors as well as the Forums and Moderator team. Feel free to contact her with all issues concerning site content and submissions.
      • crowngold.gifSirius XM
        • Sirius XM is primarily responsible for site Development. Any issues with the site or known bugs can be brought to his attention.
      • crowngold.gifHitori
        • Hitori played a big role in some of our more recent coding upgrades. We wish the best for him and his family while he is currently on leave of absence here at RuneHQ.


      Community Crew Manager
      These people manage the Community Crew group and are in charge of Social Media, Graphics, Competitions, Events, and interacting with the community in general.

      • crownsilver.gifQuick Art

      Content Manager
      These people manage the Content Editors group and are charge of the Website Content Submissions & Updates board and keeping RuneHQ's guides and databases up-to-date. They should be the first people contacted if you have any issues with Content Editors or the Content Submissions board.

      • crownsilver.gifKsb Single

      Clan Manager
      These people manage the Clan in-game and are responsible for ensuring all Clan related things run smoothly.

      • crownsilver.gifKatalex

      Development Manager
      These people manage the Developers and are responsible for site/forum development.



      Forum Manager
      These people manage the Forum Moderators and are in charge of overseeing the forums in it's entirety.

      • crownsilver.gifNumerous One



      These people are responsible for keeping RuneHQ's guides and databases up-to-date as well as managing the Website Content Submissions & Updates board.

      • 3ter 1 (Guides)
      • Hail4Gaming
      • Fuzzyjoe162
      • DarkAdvisor



      These people are responsible for moderating the forum and making sure everything is up to date. They can also help out with content submissions.

      • Senug



      These people are responsible for mentoring the community through the Help boards, also assist with our Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. They also host forum competitions.

      • moridin_1
      • Telle


      These people are responsible for moderating the official RuneHQ Clan.

      • Alfawarlord
      • Chathmurrpau
      • darkjeskill
      • Graystar
      • Haxorze
      • Hope
      • Katalex
      • Loucetios
      • mafchief
      • moridin_1
      • Pixelatic
      • Sola Wind
      • Super Fly
      • Zandahar



      These people are responsible for developing and maintaining the RuneHQ website and forums.

      • Alk 12
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