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[Submission Added]Witch's House: Step 7 - Suggested Correction


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Note: If you leave the shed during the battle, you will have to kill the Experiment's previous forms again. So make sure you have enough food to eat when you enter the shed. There is, however, a safespot between the sacks and a crate. 

The above quote is listed during Step Seven of the quest, Witch's House, after the four forms of the Experiment are listed. This may or may not be true still- I did not test that directly-, but I DO know that if one dies and subsequently returns promptly, then the Experiment remains in the last stage encountered. This is a relevant piece of information, as it may (or may not) influence a player's strategy regarding healing and/or leaving versus dying. 

I hope this is helpful,

Alex K.

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Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.

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