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  1. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    TWIR: Ninja Strike 15

     Game Updates

    TWIR: Ninja Strike 15



    Ninja Strike 15: Combat Tooltips

    Hey, remember the Ninja PAG? That daring group of players who helped us out a few months back? Well, while they didn't request this week's update, the Ninjas were so inspired by their comments and their commitment to tackling in-game gribblies that they decided to go ahead and do it anyway!

    What is this delectable update, you ask? It's Combat Tooltips! Read on to learn more...

    Combat Tooltips

    The Ninjas have really hit the books these last few weeks (our local library is pretty mad about it, actually) in order to update every single Combat Ability Tooltip in the game. Whether you're attacking, defending, or buffing, you'll find that the information provided in tooltips is clearer and more readable than ever.

    How'd they do it? By cutting down the information provided into precise, bullet pointed chunks, and ensuring that terminology is consistent across every tooltip. For example, 'weapon damage' and 'activate spell damage' is now always referred to as 'ability damage'. You'll also notice that key words and terms have been highlighted so you can spot them at a glance. No more agonising over cryptic messages in the heat of battle!

    In addition, all Combat abilities now have an icon which denotes whether the ability is single-target, multi-target, self-target, or area of effect.

    Lastly, the existing timer icon has been updated. Snazzy!

    Combat Quality of Life

    In addition, the Ninjas have made a few Quality of Life changes under the general Combat umbrella. Here's a selection:

    • The Asylum Surgeon's Ring's cooldown now appears on the Debuff Bar.
    • The 'Relentless' Invention perk's cooldown now also appears on the Debuff Bar.
    • A new Primal Extract recipe has been added which allows you to turn Enhanced Replenishment Potions into Adrenaline Renewal Potions.
    • God Books, Illuminated God Books, and Erethdor's Grimoire now toggle 'off' upon death while you have a Ring of Death equipped.

    But that's not all! Be sure to have a peek at the Patch Notes tab for all the other details of this week's Ninja Strike.


    Essence of Finality Recolours

    The Essence of Finality amulet and its ornate counterpart can now be dyed seven new colours using simple dyes, opening up a world of possibilities for presets, keybinds and Inventory management.


    Solomon's General Store: Black Friday Discounts!

    From November 27th to December 4th, the Solomon's General Store is hosting a Black Friday Sale!

    You can get discounts on all kinds of cosmetics, pets, hairstyles and animations - including the Dwarven Warsuit Pack, the Privateer Pack, and the Vorago Shard.

    So go grab yourself a deal!


    Merch Store: Black Friday Discounts!

    Is it 'officially winter' yet? No? Well no matter, you can still treat yourself to a few RuneScapey goodies - and there's no better time to do so, 'cause it's Black Friday!

    To celebrate the occasion, we've got a new limited-edition range of iconic pins in a sleek black colourway, including the DDS and PK Skull designs. There's just 199 of each, so if you're interested, get 'em in your basket!

    You'll also want to keep an eye out for a restock on some of our more popular designs, including the Spirit Shield Pin Set and the Protection Prayer Pins - which now feature a godlike glow-in-the-dark effect.

    Plus, we've got two awesome deals: spend over £30 (that's $50 for those of you who do not deal in the Queen's very own sterling) and you'll get a free special edition Black Friday variant of the Armadyl Godsword Keyring, while stocks last. Spend over £80 (or $100) and you'll also get tracked shipping free. Dang!

    So whether you're sneaking in some early Christmas shopping or just treating yourself, head on over to the Merch Store and see what bargains you could grab!


    Golden Gnome Awards: The Winners, Revealed!

    Did you miss our all-singing, all-dancing, all-digital awards ceremony last Friday? No worries! We've got you covered with a big list of all the winners. Check them out here!

    Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for their favourite creators - and congratulations to all our winners!


    The RuneScape Team

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  2. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards: The Winners are Revealed!

    You voted, we counted, and the winners of the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards have been revealed! But don't fret if you missed our Award Ceremony livestream - we've got a big list of all the winners right here.

    But first, let's take a moment to thank everyone in the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape communities for making our games such a wonderful place to be. This year has been difficult, but here at the Golden Gnome Awards we're celebrating all our community members who gave their time and energy to make it that little bit easier, whether they be musicians, artists, video creators, streamers - or just a player with a lot of community spirit.

    We'd also like to thank everyone for participating in this historic Golden Gnomes Award. You voted, you viewed, and you talked up a storm - so without further ado, let's see the winners!


    Video Awards

    These talented folks turned YouTube into TheirTube and filmed their way to a fabulous prize! Congratulations to the following video creators:

    • Best New RuneScape Video Creator: Hanannie

    • Best RuneScape Video Creator: Maikeru

    • Best RuneScape Video: ProtoxxGaming: RuneScape 3 - 1-99 Archaeology Guide


    Streaming Awards

    Whether they're new to the scene or a veteran twitcher, these streamers really stood out from the crowd. A big congratulations to:

    • Best New RuneScape Streamer: mika279

    • Best RuneScape Streamer: Maikeru


    Art Awards

    Here at Jagex we love seeing fan creations, and art is no exception - but these artists and their work really stood out from the crowd. Congratulations to the following:




    • Best New RuneScape Artist: Suizzy

    • Best RuneScape Artist: Willoway

    • Best RuneScape Artistic Creation: mavrick882: Invention

    • Best Music Creation: J1mmy: Sandy Confession


    Cosplay Awards

    Loads of you submitted images of yourselves in your fabulous costumes, wielding mighty props of all stripes, but the following two cosplayers really threaded the needle:







    • Best Cosplay Costume: AltF4's recreation of the Valkyrie Outfit

    • Best Cosplay Prop: NoxiousIRL's recreation of the Noxious Scythe


    Community Champion

    This year's Community Champion award goes to the RS and OSRS Wiki!

    The Wiki team and their contributors go above and beyond to make the tremendous depth of our games more accessible to everyone. We'd particularly like to highlight their work with the Archaeology and Steam launches for RuneScape and Leagues II - Trailblazer for Old School RuneScape. We've been consciously aware of the Wiki's value for a while and have accordingly implemented more in-game visibility in both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape this year. Here's to many more years of sharing the knowledge, Wiki team! Much of our success is owed to you, and we love you for it x





    Outstanding Community Achievement

    The award for Outstanding Community Achievement goes to Faux!

    This year Faux raised over $57,000 for the St Jude Children's Research Hospital - no small feat, considering it took him and his incredible viewer community just four hours!

    But the biggest gesture came when Faux himself sacrificed his Hardcore Ironman account, which had over 3,400 hours of playtime. Here's what Faux had to say on the matter:

    "I promise you, that there are kids out there that'd love to have 3,400 more hours in this world. Together as a community we've raised over $57,000. We've raised that much so far. I know some of you are upset that I've let my account go, but this is nothing. 3,400 hours is nothing compared to what some of these kids go through and I appreciate every single one of you that participated today, to make a difference in some kid's life today."

    Faux, for your big heart and your abundance of community spirit, we're proud to offer you the first ever award for Outstanding Community Achievement. Congratulations!


    The RuneScape Team

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  3. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    TWIR: Construction Contracts & Premier Club

     Game Updates

    TWIR: Construction Contracts & Premier Club

    Welcome to This Week in RuneScape, your number one source for everything happening in the BEST MMORPG EVER (if we do say so ourselves). This week, Construction Contracts is going live, and there’s a sweet deal on membership with Premier Club. There’s also an impressive array of changes and fixes in the Patch Notes tab, and the usual shenanigans in the Community tab. Don’t take our word for it though: read on and see it for yourself!

    Not to sound too full of ourselves, but we think we've nailed this week's update! From today you'll be able to play Construction Contracts, a new, less expensive way to train Construction. But that's not all - we've also got news about Premier Club, and a new deal from Prime Gaming. Hard hats on? Then let's check it out!


    New Construction Training Method: Construction Contracts!

    Today we're cutting the ribbon on Construction Contracts! For those of you who missed the in-depth newspost and the preview livestream, here's everything you need to know.

    Normally, you'd be training your Construction inside your Player Owned House, toiling away for hours building oak larder after oak larder, without seeing a single soul except your Demon Butler. With the arrival of Construction Contracts, all that's about to change. Now, you can train Construction on the surface world, at less cost, and help some friendly NPCs out while you're at it.

    Completing Contracts

    To get started, you'll need at least 40 Construction, which will let you complete your contracts with standard planks. As you advance in levels, you'll be able to use more expensive materials - which will impress your clients and net you a bit more XP.

    Level Plank Type
    40 Regular
    50 Oak
    60 Teak
    70 Mahogany

    Speak to an Estate Agent to get your first Construction Contract. You'll be sent to one of 11 different buildings in four of Gielinor's most iconic towns, where you'll be asked to spruce the place up a bit according to the resident NPC's grand designs. The furniture you're asked to build will vary, so come prepared for everything!

    You'll get your XP once you've finished the job, along with the satisfaction of a job well done - and a bunch of Construction Credits, which you can use to buy some useful items back at the Estate Agent.


    Here's what's on offer:

    Plank Box

    The Plank Box is an upgradeable storage solution that will let you carry at least 25 extra planks of each type with you at all times.

    Here's how many you can carry with the upgraded versions:

    Base: 25 Planks of each type

    Upgrade 1: 50 Planks of each type

    Upgrade 2: 100 Planks of each type

    The basic Plank Box will cost you 50 Construction Credits, the first upgrade will cost 150 Credits, and the second upgrade will cost 300 Credits.

    Elite Skilling Outfit: Master Construction

    From tomorrow you can get your hands on the Elite Skilling Outfit for Construction via Dressed to Skill, our latest Treasure Hunter promo, or you can get it in-game from the Construction Contracts Reward Store. You'll be looking mighty handy either way!

    There are five pieces in the set, each of which cost 250 Construction Credits. Wearing all of them will net you the following bonuses:

    • Option to automatically remove furniture immediately after building it
    • Ability to convert logs to planks on the go
    • Temporary +3 boost to Construction
    • Increased build progress for Construction Contracts
    • Chance to instantly finish repairs during Construction Contracts
    • Unlimited teleports to your house, house portals, Estate Agents, and your current Construction Contract


    There are eight new Achievements in this update, one of which is required for the Completionist Cape.

    Fully upgrade your Plank Box to earn the ‘Absolute Planker' Achievement and restore your Cape. There's no Grace Period on this one, so get building!


    Premier Club Membership

    It's the most wonderful time of the year - Premier Club Membership is back! For those of you who are new here, Premier Club is the absolute best value deal for RuneScape membership, and, for a limited time, we've slashed prices to celebrate our upcoming 20th Anniversary! You'll secure either 3, 6, or 12 months of membership and get loads of extras, up to and including the exclusive Ceremonial Guard Armour and Ozzie pet, access to the Premium Track for all Yak Track events, extra daily Keys, the Premier Artefact, and much, much more!


    Ceremonial Guard Armour


    Click and drag to rotate the model and scroll to zoom in!


    Here's a taste of what you can expect from this year's packages:

      Bronze Silver Gold
    Price £17.49 £31.99 £44.99
    Months of Membership 3 6 12
    Loyalty Points 20,000 50,000 150,000
    Access to Premier Artefact* Yes Yes Yes
    Cosmetic Ceremonial Guard Armour Yes Yes Yes
    Ozzie Pet - - Yes
    Access to Premier Pass* Yes Yes Yes
    Extra Monthly Rewards* Yes Yes Yes
    Monthly Oddments Bundle* 1,000 1,000 1,000
    Extra Daily Key* - Yes Yes
    Premier Club Reward Tokens - 1 3
    RuneMetrics Discount - - 50%
    Access to the Premier Club Vault - - Yes
    Access to VIP Premier Worlds - - Yes
    Free Boss Instance - - Yes
    Premier Bank Spaces - - 100
    In-Game Chat Badge - - Yes

    *available for duration of Premier Club membership

    On top of all that, you'll get access to everything the wonderful world of RuneScape has to offer - new quests, new skills, and new areas to explore! Plus, you'll get the most from our 20th Anniversary Celebration event coming up in January. What a deal!

    To learn more about Premier Club Membership, head to this page.


    Prime Gaming

    There's a new offer from our friends at Prime Gaming. Wahey! From now until December 15th, you can claim 7 days of RuneScape Membership - just the thing if you want to try Construction for yourself!

    To claim this offer, simply link your RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts. Full details can be found here.


    The RuneScape Team

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  4. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    Premier Club - Coming 16th November!

     Game Updates

    Premier Club - Coming 16th November!

    Get ready for RuneScape's huge 20th Anniversary year with the best membership deal in town - Premier Club!

    Returning on November 16th, Premier Club Membership is the ultimate way to enjoy everything the game has to offer with discounted prices, instant rewards and year-long benefits including access to Yak Track Premier Rewards, plus a whole lot more. To celebrate 20 years of RuneScape and the jam-packed year ahead, we've slashed the price of Gold Membership by up to 25%! Check out the offers from Monday, or read on for more details.


    Ceremonial Guard Armour and Osprey Pet

    Premier Club Gold Membership comes packed with bonuses that you'll see and feel the second you join, from brand new cosmetics to gameplay benefitting items and upgrades.

    This year's instant rewards include new exclusive cosmetics like the Ceremonial Guard armour with matching Ozzie the Osprey pet, the Premier Artefact with four powerful daily bonuses to harness and 100 (yes 100!) extra Bank spaces to store the spoils of your upcoming adventures.


    Year-Long Rewards Now Including Yak Track

    Premier Club Gold Membership's value extends far beyond the instant rewards, with year-long benefits you'll feel every month.

    Yak Track is best with Premier Club Membership. These events set you on a path of fun, varied and sometimes challenging tasks to complete to earn some fantastic rewards. And as an active Premier Club Member, you'll get access to any Yak Track Premier Pass at no extra cost. Premier Pass doubles the number of potential rewards per task and gives you to the chance to unlock a deluge of exclusive earnable cosmetics.

    Every month you play will also be kickstarted with a Premier Club Monthly drop, featuring surprise items from Umbral Chests to bonus Protean Packs that enhance your adventures. You'll also get access to the Premier Club Vault, where you'll dive in to an exclusive one-minute monthly looting spree to gather for bonus rewards, along with an additional Treasure Hunter Key every day, a free boss instant reset every week and a whole lot more.


    Great Membership Benefits

    If you're not already a member, Premier Club Membership is the best way to enjoy RuneScape. It not only provides you full access to all of Runescape - with over 6x as many quests, a 3x larger game world and 11 exclusive skills - but all the instant rewards and additional benefits to get the most out of your adventures in Gielinor. To find out more about the benefits of Membership, head here.


    Join us for RuneScape's 20th Year!

    There's plenty to look forward to as a RuneScape Member as we close out 2020 with a bang and head into an even bigger 2021. Following the release of Construction Contracts this November, December will see the introduction of a powerful new Solo Boss and heart-melting Christmas-themed quest to close out the year.

    Next year, RuneScape is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. This is a huge moment for the game and the community, so you can bet we'll be celebrating in style, with a year full of events, content and surprises you won't want to miss. We'll also be welcoming a bounty of new adventurers with the launch of RuneScape Mobile on iOS and Android in 2021 too.

    As we head into 2021, we'll continue to deliver monthly content drops, regular quality of life Ninja Strikes, reward-packed Yak Tracks and regular seasonal events we've established since July this year. We'll also be broadening our horizons thanks to our ever-expanding team, with an increased focus on improving infrastructure, accessibility and - ultimately - delivering big-hitting large scale updates like Elder God Wars Dungeon that we know you crave. We can't wait for 2021, and we'll hope you'll join us on the next step of this journey!


    Premier Club Membership Offers

    If you want to join Premier Club, there's three tiers of Membership with a variety of bonuses available until March 1st 2021.

    Premier Club Gold Membership is our best value offer yet, with a whole year of RuneScape Membership and Premier Club benefits at an incredible discount to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of RuneScape. This limited time discount ends on February 1st, so don't miss out if you're planning to take advantage of this discounted offer!

    Silver and Bronze Premier Club Membership Tiers are available, providing some of the great Premier Club bonuses with shorter term membership. You can find out more about all the packages and join up from Monday on the Premier Club Membership homepage.


    The RuneScape Team

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  5. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com

     Dev Blogs

    November Skilling Update: Construction Contracts

    Have you taken a walk through Varrock lately? Ugh. Look at those ramshackle houses, filled with broken furniture. Why, some of those poor citizens can't even sit down in their own homes!

    We pine for some way to help, to give back to the community, to train Construction without having to click 'remove' on an oak larder thirty times... hold on a second!

    Let's start from the very beginning: Construction is a members-only skill that lets you build a Player Owned House, where you can train Prayer, store and repair your items, and have your mates over for a nice cuppa tea, plus all kinds of other cool stuff! Only trouble is, to get the best furniture, you'll need the best Construction levels - and that can get expensive.

    But from November 16th, you'll be able to play Construction Contracts, a new way to train Construction that'll see you helping out the citizens of Gielinor while getting all the XP you'd normally earn in your Player Owned House - and some builder-iffic rewards, besides.


    Getting Started

    You'll need at least level 40 Construction to participate in Construction Contracts - cowboy builders need not apply! Once you've nailed your skills, speak to any Estate Agent to be assigned a contract in either Lumbridge, Varrock, Draynor, or Edgeville.

    Gather your supplies, head to the right house, and fix up some lucky citizen's furniture while you listen to the local gossip.

    The higher your Construction level, the higher the tier of planks you'll be able to use - and the faster you'll get the job done.

    Level Plank Type
    40 Regular
    50 Oak
    60 Teak
    70 Mahogany

    Using higher tier materials will also encourage your clients to give you better reviews, which means more XP for you!

    Then comes the best part - the rewards!



    The biggest reward from Construction Contracts is the ability to earn Construction XP in the overworld at a fraction of the cost.

    Each time you complete a contract you'll also earn Contract Credits, which you can spend on various Construction-related goodies in the Construction Contracts Reward Store at any Estate Agent. Let's take a look:

    Plank Box

    Tired of carrying planks around everywhere? Why, that's Butler's work! Now, there's a better way: a simple, upgradeable storage solution that will let you carry at least 25 extra planks of each type with you at all times.

    Here's how many you can carry with the upgraded versions:

    • Base: 25 Planks of each type
    • Upgrade 1: 50 Planks of each type
    • Upgrade 2: 100 Planks of each type

    Collect The Master Construction Outfit

    From Tuesday 17th, we're introducing the brand new Master Construction Outfit via Dressed to Skill, a week-long Treasure Hunter promotion that'll help you fill out your Elite Skilling Outfit collection!

    Additionally, upon the launch of Construction Contracts this outfit will be available as a reward for the most intrepid fixer-uppers in the land, using nothing but your hard-earned Contract Credits. Once you've earned enough, simply head on down to the Construction Contracts Rewards Store! Whatever your choice, you're gonna look mighty handy!

    Equipping all five pieces of the set will provide you with the following bonuses:

    • Option to automatically remove furniture as you build it
    • Ability to convert logs to planks on the go
    • Temporary +3 boost to Construction
    • Increased build progress for Construction Contracts
    • Chance to instantly finish repairs during Construction Contracts
    • Unlimited teleports to your house, house portals, Estate Agents, and your current Construction Contract


    Construction Contracts comes bundled with eight new Achievements, including 'Absolute Planker', which entails fully upgrading your Plank Box and is required for the Completionist Cape.

    Stay tuned for more Construction Contracts news when we cut the ribbon on November 16th.


    The RuneScape Team

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  6. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    TWIR: Ninja Strike 14

     Game Updates

    TWIR: Ninja Strike 14

    In this week's update, the Ninjas have been getting up to mischief with fish (both of the jelly and regular variety) and Wiki functionality! Find out all about it in the Game News and Patch Notes tabs, then get yourself over to the Community Tab for a cheeky preview of Construction Contracts and some amazing player artwork.

    We're going Wiki wild in this week's update with another Ninja Strike! In other news, we've got a special preview of Construction Contracts, a range of new lines in the Merch Store, and an important change to Oddments.


    Ninja Strike 14: Wiki Functionality and More!

    The Ninjas have hit the books this week to bring you more visible Wiki functionality, plus loads of other quality of life changes. We're also welcoming a new recruit to the Dojo - read on to meet them!

    Wiki Functionality

    As you know, you can type '/wiki' into the Chat Box to learn about all kinds of topics at the press of a button - but we reckon it would be nice if that functionality was even easier to access. In this week's strike, the Ninjas have added a new Wiki button to the right-hand side of the Chat Box. Just click the button, type in your search term, and away you'll go!

    Of course, those of you who like to do things the old-fashioned way will still be able to use the existing '/wiki' feature.

    And those of you who like to do things the really old-fashioned way can find the full RuneScape Wiki right here. Enjoy!

    General QoL

    We don't know who this 'General QoL' fella is, but he comes up an awful lot, so he must be one of the Ninjas' greatest foes!

    This week they've undermined his nefarious deeds in the following ways:

    Jellyfish Stitching

    Got partially eaten Jellyfish hanging around your Backpack? That's super gross, but here's something even grosser - from today's update, you'll be able to squish them back into one big jellyfish snack with the help of either War or a fisherman in the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. Mmm... slimy!

    Fish Deposits

    Sticking with the maritime theme, you can now 'Deposit all' fish in the Menaphos VIP and Port area Deposit Boxes and Banks, just like you can in the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. Hopefully they've got a bag of ice in there...

    ...and more!

    This week's Patch Notes contain all you need to know about this week's Ninja Strike. Go take a look! We'll wait!

    A New Ninja?

    A new Ninja! Mod Frosch has joined the fight as a Junior Content Developer. So heat up the sake and give a warm Ninja welcome, please!


    Construction Contracts Preview Livestream

    Join our J-Mods as they clamber over the scaffolding of Construction Contracts and lay out the blueprints of this new, exciting way to train Construction.

    You can join the stream on the RuneScape Twitch channel at 17:00 Game Time on November 10th. Don't forget your hard hat!


    Prime Gaming

    There's a brand new drop waiting for those of you who've linked your RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts! This month, you'll get 7 days of membership - just the thing for taking full advantage of Double XP LIVE.

    Find out more on this page.


    Oddments Store Item Limits

    As part of our ongoing efforts to balance the game, the following Oddments Store items are now subject to a daily maximum buy cap:

    1. Medium prismatic lamps: 30/day
    2. Medium prismatic stars: 50/day
    3. Pulse cores: 40/day
    4. Cinder cores: 40/day
    5. Small protean packs: 30/day
    6. Keys: 30/day

    The cap resets every day, after which point you'll be able to purchase these items up to the cap once more.


    Golden Gnome Awards

    For those of you who missed our post last week, we'd like to apologise once again for the unavoidable delay of this year's Golden Gnome Awards.

    The new date for the all-dancing, all-digital ceremony is Friday, November 20th at 19:00 Game Time. We'll see you there!


    Merch Store

    Okay, it might not officially be winter yet - thank you, Reddit community - but that doesn't mean we can't get that Christmas spirit going! In the Official Merch Store, we've got a whole stocking full of treats!

    First up, we have three new RuneScape-y designs in our popular deskmat range: the Queen Black Dragon, Nomad, and Mah.

    Next up, we’ve got a cosy new piece of apparel: the PK Skull Varsity Jacket!


    And in case you missed it, tracked shipping is now available on all Merch Store orders. Spend over £80 (that's $100 for our neighbours across the pond) and you'll get tracked shipping for free.

    Check out the full range here, on the Official Merch Store.


    The RuneScape Team

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  7. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    Double XP LIVE is LIVE!

     Game Updates

    Double XP LIVE is LIVE!

    Grab your blankets and hot chocolate - it's time to snuggle in for Double XP LIVE! From now until November 16th, you'll have 48 hours of Double XP time to train as many skills as you like - and for the first time, that includes Archaeology!

    In case you missed the announcement, here's all the archaeological activities you can get Double XP for:

    • Base Precision is doubled, so you'll get double the projects per hour from excavation.
    • XP from excavation and screening activities is doubled.
    • Players will not receive Double XP from tomes, research, mysteries, pylons, or restoring artefacts.

    Don't forget, you can pause your timer any time you'd like to take a break, and it doesn't count down when you're offline. So take your time, relax, and get to work on those skills at your own pace!

    For more details, check out our dedicated Double XP LIVE page.


    The RuneScape Team

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  8. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    Construction Contracts Announcement

     Future Updates

    Construction Contracts Announcement

    Get ready to be Gielinor’s handiest handy-person with Construction Contracts, a less intensive and less expensive way to level up your Construction skill, coming on November 16th!

    You’ll need level 40 Construction to get started – and with Double XP around the corner, there’s no better time to get building!

    We’ll reveal the juicy details about Construction Contracts in a dedicated preview livestream on November 10th at 17:00 Game Time. Catch all the action over at Twitch.TV/RuneScape. See you there!

    The RuneScape Team

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    If you have any further questions as to why this topic was closed, let me encourage you to check the FAQs, and to PM me if you do not find the answer there.

    Have a nice RuneHQ day.

  10. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com


    Login Server Maintenance - 3rd November

    Update: 18:05 Game Time

    The login server maintenance should now be completed. We don't anticipate any other issues to arise. We'll continue to monitor the situation and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience.

    Update: 16:30 Game Time

    We're investigating issues with players unexpectedly being kicked off our game worlds in relation to the server maintenance.

    We'll update you as soon as we know more.

    In the meantime we'd advise all logged in players to avoid any dangerous activity.

    We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience, and to thank you for your patience.

    Hello everyone,

    We'll be performing some important maintenance on our login servers.

    The work will be carried out on Novemember 3rd starting from 14:30 Game Time and affects all players logging in or hopping worlds..

    This will last for 2 hours, and there is a small chance you will not be able to log-in or hop worlds for approximately 10 minutes during this period . If you are already logged in, you can continue playing as normal.

    Apologies for the disruption.

    The RuneScape team

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