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  1. Decided to post it now in just 1 post instead of seperate ones, because no need to spam the accomplishments :). But i gained some 200M`s during DXP! 1. 200M Thieving (#12) 2. 200M Dungeoneering (#13) 3. 200M Summoning (#14)
  2. Grats Mori!! just 8 more to go!
  3. Slow down you! I can`t catch up. Grats Mori!
  4. Note: Fungal Friday will be cancelled on Friday, October 14th, due to none of us available to host/attend. We will be back next week!!
  5. until
    As our 19th Birthday month is coming to and end we would like to end this with our usual ending parade dressed up in Halloween style we go to the Falador Party room where our events team staff will host a drop party for you all! As an extra we would like to invite you all in a Coil as fun lighting party at the Corporeal Beast to teach him a lesson! I would like to thank all of you in participating in our birthday month events this month long and for the continued support!! We hope you enjoyed all of this and the extra fun on our Discord channel!! And special thanks to all our staff: Keep up the good work you all provide!!! We hope to see you all again next year!! Event Details Date: Sunday, October 30th Time: 19:00 Game Time FC: Mr Quick World: 88 Location: Start: Lumbridge Castle, End: Falador Party Room, Extra: Corporeal Beast Lair Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! - RuneHQ Staff
  6. until
    Nex is restless in her eternal prison. The blood-lust seething out from her magical cage is almost too much for the fragile walls of the God Wars Dungeon to bear. With her four mages protecting her from the damage of others, even the highest quality adventurer could be devastated if they took her on alone. Will you allow the General of Zaros to break free? Defeat her and you may be able to take home a valued piece of ancient warriors' armor: Torva, Pernix, and Virtus. More info about this boss can be found here. Event Details Date: Sunday, October 16th Time: 18:00 Game Time FC: Mr Quick World: 88 Location: Ancient Prison - God Wars Dungeon Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! RuneHQ Events Team
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