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About Me

About Me IRL

Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I am an Army Veteran. Among other things, I am also a father and a husband. I was first introduced to Runescape, before all of that, while spending the night at a friends house one weekend back in middle school. Albeit, I have probably spent more time away than actually playing, but certain things in life are more important and come first.


About me with RuneHQ

I have been with RuneHQ for about as long as I have played the game. I originally joined the site looking for quest guides and became a member one day looking to give back. During my time within the forums, I have held several ranks that I am equally proud to have held. Those ranks are Content Editor, Events Team, Moderator, and Moderator Manager. 


About me In-game

Nothing special to report here, just your everyday RS noob. I spend most of my gaming time still trying to max. Other than that, you'll find me in RHQ's clan chat chilling with my clannies. I don't bite I swear. Feel free to pm me anytime.

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