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  1. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    January 24 2021 Thieving 95-99 Think I'll do the dung next.. need to get my POF rocking though. I am also trying to save up enough beans for Seedicide. I have plans on doing Slayer after dung, so will be looking into optimal gear setups. If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be great. Other than that, I'll be Abyss farming magic to 120 on days I work.
  2. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Chyeah, I get the idea behind it. Think of it like this.. You have your mil/mil+ an hr people then you have me. I'm more of that guy fishing shrimp to 99 lmao. It is only two levels though.. maybe... maybe I will just tough it out next. At least on my off days anyways. January 23 2021 Thieving 86-95
  3. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Thanks for the info. I'll take your suggestion and chip away at Thieving next. I would do Dung.. it is so much closer... but I have no clue about that skill. Anyways... January 22 2021 Thieving 74-86
  4. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Haha, yeah but only because I took a break from the abyss.. January 21st 2021 99 Hunter! Invention 110-111
  5. Congrats bud! You going for 200m slayer?
  6. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Just a small push from work today.. I'll be grabbing 99 Hunter tomorrow.. possibly early Friday. Depends on your time zone really. January 20th 2021 Magic 113-114 Invention 109-110
  7. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    January 19th 2021 99 Crafting! pushed total xp to 450M
  8. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Made a little headway today.. pushing into 113 Magic. I then took a little break and bumped up my Crafting a bit. I ended only 60m from my total goal. I'm coming for you max... January 18th 2021 Magic 111-113 Crafting 92-94 Moved up to 440m total xp
  9. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    On top of the other three I already got this month.. and the pet? lol. I know I can get one more, but I don't know about two. Maybe if I knew anything about dung I could pass it from 97-99 in a few days. To be honest though, most of that is sinkholes. I'll give it a shot though. Before I do any of that, I have a personal goal of 120 Magic to do. I want to get that before the end of the month. I am camping the Abyss atm.
  10. This is the Daily Toe with your host *me* Toeby! I hope you guys are having a great day today, you know I am. I can't believe it has been over twenty years.. wow. Where has the time gone? The better question is why/how am I still not maxed? Ehh, time to get serious guys.. This is the year.. I feel it. I've been derping around way to much and it's time to get on that gain train buckle up and enjoy the ride! All abooooooooard! With 2020 finally over... it is time to hype up, assess goals and crank into the new year. This thread will serve as my goals and daily log moving forward.
  11. Fresh meat! Hahaha j/k Congrats, hope you enjoy it.
  12. Quote taken directly from www.old-school.runescape.com
  13. Quote taken directly from www.old-school.runescape.com
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