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  1. Double congrats bud! You are definitely hammering out those goals!
  2. Work be popping atm but I finally got some progress done... Got 110 mining but was afk and didn't get image.. I also started the Mahjarrot Memories... but... yeah... long quest.
  3. Look out "Bob the builder" you have some competition! Congrats bud!
  4. Thanks bud, I'll look into that.
  5. Way to go bud! You'll be maxed in no time!
  6. Ehh, you know how it goes. Another year, another list of hopeful thingies to do. So.. without further ado, I give you my 2022 List of Goals! 120 Mining 120 Magic 120 Slayer 120 Ranged 120 Strength 120 Attack 120 Defence 120 Constitution 120 Agility Work on Master Quest cape requirements Quest Cape Witch's Potion Rebuilding Edgeville Crocodile Tears Fate of the Gods Mighty Fall Blood Runs Deep Branches of Darkmeyer Lord of Vampyrium River of Blood Benedict's World Tour Curse of the Black Stone Desert Slayer Dungeon Desperate Times Dorics Task IV Father and Son Head of the Family Heartstealer Helping Laniakea Hero's Welcome Hopespear's Will In Memory of the Myreque Koschei's Troubles Lair of Tarn Razorlor Nadir Nomad's Requiem Once Upon a Slime One Foot in the Grave Our Man in the North Pieces of Hate Purple Cat Spiriual Enlightment Tales of the God Wars The General's Shadow The Light Within The Lost Toys The Vault of Shadows Thock it To 'EM Thok Your Block Off Three's Company Tortle Combat Vengence Violet is Blue Too Wandering Ga'al Phite Club Azzanadra's Quest Children of Mah City of Senntisten Damage Control Desprate Measures Doric's Task V Doric's Task VI Doric's Task VII Doric's Task VIII Eye for an Eye Eye of Het Final destination Ghosts from the Past Harbinger Jed Hunter Mahjarrat Memories Nomad's Elegy Sins of the Father Sliske's Endgame Tales of Nomad Tuai Leit's Own I may add more to it later, depending on how fast I knock out the others..
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