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  1. Not necessarily. It would be exactly the way it is now, just on a shield now lol
  2. So my thought process for this idea is that you can attach an Anti-Dragon shield to ANY shieldbow and have it take on the effects of fighting a dragon with a crossbow and anti-dragon shield. For example, take a Maple Shieldbow, attach the anti-dragon shield to it, now its a Maple Shieldbow (AD) that protects against dragon fire. Little to moderate additional defense bonus based on weapon level. Higher level bows such as Dark Bow, Zaryte bow, etc., you can add the Dragonfire Shield for a greater boost to defense plus the ability to siphon the dragon fire and be able to use it against
  3. Spent a few hours in the shop today! Finally got some good cedar to work with The two little trees are about 14 inches tall, took about 30 min each to carve. The feather is 4ft tall and carved on both sides, took about 2 hours to carve.
  4. How long does it normally take?? Good job!
  5. So when does the mobile petting zoo come through? Congrats!
  6. Congrats! Is that the last one, or do you have a few more to go?
  7. Congrats! And keep those 99s coming!
  8. Congrats! It looks absolutely stunning on you!
  9. Congrats! Which skill are you going for next?
  10. I was thinking, they currently have Proteans for hunter, crafting, fletching/firemaking, invention, divination, construction, and smithing. What if they made a new one for Thieving where it's a safe? Eh? Thieving is extremely slow to train in my opinion and definitely one of my least favorite skills. Granted, I wouldn't be able to enjoy them myself, as I am an Ironman, but my idea still remains valid!! Anyone have an idea for another skill and how it can be incorporated?
  11. The most memorable moment for me in my Runescape history would have to be when I found my mother online. At the time, I was living with my dad and hadn't seen her in a long time. I came across her training ranged on the Moss Giants in the Varrock Sewers when we started talking, became friends, and then eventually found out who we were to each other. I was pretty monumental.
  12. Dang Sassy!! Do you deliver? I mean, my birthday isn't until next September, but I'm sure I can find an excuse to get a delicious looking cake like that! Great job!
  13. I can't speak on behalf of apprenticeships or certifications, but I have worked as a laborer for about 10 years and it's the best thing I ever did! I may be young, but I have worked excavation and landscaping for 7 years, grain and hay sales/logistics for 3 years, and recently started residential house painting. I've done everything from digging a trench by hand to operating 10 ton excavators ripping up hillsides to build eco-block walls, all without certifications. I've always worked for private businesses and they have always been happy to teach me how to better myself in the work I do. I
  14. I have been binge listening to pretty much anything and everything by Volbeat, but if you don't know them and need a good reference song, "Lonesome Rider" is one of my favorites and has a dramatic video to go with it too!
  15. Howdy all! Name's Michael, IGN is SirKrygore, currently playing as an Ironman. I actually used to be a staff member here on the graphics team, but had to leave because I was moving and didn't have internet where I was going. Anywho, I usually play around 14-28 hours per week, my wife and I both work as commercial house painters and, during this time of year, work is slow. So that gives me lots of time to grind and get my skills up on my new Ironman account! Looking forward to meeting new players and clanmates!
  16. All I really remember about the first time I came to this site is that it was recommended by another Runescape user some 12 to 13 years ago. I made my first official account about 4 years later so I could make content suggestions/submissions/corrections, even became a staff member and made graphics for signatures and Official Events. I ended up losing that account after moving, but I'm back now and I don't plan on moving again! P.S. I also didn't know about any other sites for a long time and also didn't feel that they were as user-friendly or as trustworthy.
  17. Hey all! Here is where I am going to be posting my Ironman achievements and goals! I started my Ironman account (officially) around the beginning of Nov. 2020. I'll try to form a table to show increases in stats and and Quest Points. CURRENT GOALS: 99 in Smithing and Mining Attack- 34 Strength- 30 Defence- 32 Range- 23 Prayer- 22 Magic- 30 Runecrafting- 61 Construction- 1 Dungeoneering- 48 Archeology- 1 Constitution- 35 Agility- 15 Herblore- 4 Thieving- 7 Crafting- 43 Fletching- 43 Slayer- 8 Hunter- 5 Divination- 14 Mining- 73 Smith
  18. Thanks! Here's a few more!
  19. What's your hobby when you're not at work or playing runescape? Mine is chainsaw carving. I started about a year ago out of sheer boredom and enjoyed it so much, I've spent over $2500 on saws, Sanders, and other carving tools. Here's a couple of my more recent pieces
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