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  1. Do you have any recordings of you playing? I'd be interested in hearing you play
  2. good morning, hope you have a good day

    1. Krygore


      LIkewise! Idk where you are from, but this is the first full week this year that we have had sunshine and temps in the 60s! I got nothing to complain about! ^_^

  3. The wolf took about 6 months, the raccoon with the fish took about 2. I still have the wolf and the raccoon sold for $350.
  4. Been a while since I posted in here, here's what I've done recently...
  5. Spend an hour chopping firewood. Great way to stay in shape!
  6. Not necessarily. It would be exactly the way it is now, just on a shield now lol
  7. So my thought process for this idea is that you can attach an Anti-Dragon shield to ANY shieldbow and have it take on the effects of fighting a dragon with a crossbow and anti-dragon shield. For example, take a Maple Shieldbow, attach the anti-dragon shield to it, now its a Maple Shieldbow (AD) that protects against dragon fire. Little to moderate additional defense bonus based on weapon level. Higher level bows such as Dark Bow, Zaryte bow, etc., you can add the Dragonfire Shield for a greater boost to defense plus the ability to siphon the dragon fire and be able to use it against
  8. Spent a few hours in the shop today! Finally got some good cedar to work with The two little trees are about 14 inches tall, took about 30 min each to carve. The feather is 4ft tall and carved on both sides, took about 2 hours to carve.
  9. How long does it normally take?? Good job!
  10. So when does the mobile petting zoo come through? Congrats!
  11. Congrats! Is that the last one, or do you have a few more to go?
  12. Congrats! And keep those 99s coming!
  13. Congrats! It looks absolutely stunning on you!
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