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  1. St. Squiggy

    Boss School

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a certain boss or role? Well today is your lucky day. Events Team will be teaching you how to do roles at Beastmaster Durzag. So hype yourself up, grab your best gear, and join us as we teach you how to be the pet tank and nc.
  2. With this as an option I feel it can get people together to do some events together, minigames, things like that and have fun doing so. So hopefully people do see that but if there's anything that needs to be added or modified don't be afraid to tell me!
  3. Jeimuzu has resigned from the Events Team due to personal decisions.
  4. Hey all! I've been bouncing some ideas between the staff and after being prodded to get the public's opinion too decided to post here. I've had an idea for forum teams for people to participate in events together to work on collective participation, skilling, you name it. If you are familiar with Harry Potter the team and points system lend itself from the House system. If you participate in forum competitions, skilling competitions, and some additions I'll list further below, then you'll get points for your team! There's nothing really detrimental so you don't have to worry about losing some for some reason. Every couple months runs a season and after the season ends those that are interested will be reshuffled into new teams (you get shuffled into teams originally anyways to prevent overloading of one team) and continue on!. Prizes for the top team may include GP, bonds, or other things (haven't gotten that far yet). Some of the events that I've been thinking of are: Most forum competitions Themed Clan Wars fights Minigame participation (spotlights being more!) Skilling competitions (themed ones potentially to help build to next event) Discord events And others I haven't thought of yet! So yeah, it's an idea that I feel could get everyone involved more but I want to know what you guys think! Vote and let me know more below!
  5. Much metal hitting and gathering was done, and it has ended! The results had to be collated due to an issue with the original competition not letting me add new entrants, but we got them! The top three in Mining are: Super Fly, Balista77, and Chathmurrpau! The top three in Smithing is: Loucetios, Chathmurrpau, and Hankinator! And the top gainer overall is... Super Fly! Congratulations on everyone and what you gained (I got a level in each myself), enjoy the rework and continue metal whackin' on! For prizes you can reach me on Discord as best method, this coming up Tues - Thurs will be the best point but if you message me I'll do my best to get your winnings to you!
  6. Added everyone from this point back!
  7. Alright everyone, trackers have been created and everyone from this point up have been added! Ensure everything looks good and if no one else joins then good luck to everyone smacking some metal!
  8. I don't want to set a precedent by doing it on one and claiming on another since it should match who participated. If you participate on your Ironman that'll be your decision but since I'm aware of your two accounts (I've seen both) I'll allow it. Edit: Only one of your accounts will participate, just to reconfirm that.
  9. until
    The rework is here, and so are we. Lets smash some records and enjoy the rework! Competition Topic | When Is It For You?
  10. Alright folks it is TIME! It is the first skilling competition of the year and I have a treat for you. As the Mining and Smithing Rework is set to kick in this coming up Monday, I figured "Well heck why not do BOTH?" That's right. Both. Being this is such a big event it's going to need some big boosts. Everything runs like normal, but both Smithing AND Mining will be tracked. The ranks in the end will be the combination of both XP amounts together. Prizes are as follows: Top 10 in each category will get 10m descending (1st gets 10m, 10th gets 1m) Person who gains the most XP combined gets an additional 5m. Big things are in store because of the remake, and since it's big for everyone we're letting everyone participate, so no matter staff or not, you can win! As usual there are disclosures for these kind of events: One RSN per participant. MUST be able to be tracked on the high scores. Joining after is not prohibited but will put you at a disadvantage. The timeframe for this competition will be from 12:00p Game Time 7th to 12:00p Game Time 11th. Registrants @ChathMurrpau @Ksb Single @With Faith @senug @Dorky Girl @Loucetios @Aaros @Telle @Lots a LOUD @Toeby @Super Fly St. Squiggy Hankinator MedicStorm Hope
  11. Hope you enjoyed the sudden search, here's the results as submitted by Toeby, look for more events this year!
  12. I forgot about the riddles and scavenger hunts, good point! We haven't actually done one of those in a bit, that's a good idea.
  13. Popular video maker WillMissIt made a massive history video detailing a lot of what happened over Runescape's storied history. It's pretty impressive, even with a lot of the photos he's collected. Take a look and see what you think yourself!