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Community Answers

  1. After a long strugle, I have managed to take mantle of the King of the Dagannoth Kings.
  2. I was reaping more DK souls when the Dagannoth Rex dropped this little fellow.
  3. I was killing DKs for reaper when this little fella dropped...
  4. After using up many, much protean hides, the following happened!
  5. I was reaping some Icey Bois when the following happened!
  6. That's great! Keep up the good work
  7. Good goals! Welcome back and good luck to you!
  8. Bronzed frozen duck... Sounds yummy! Grats!
  9. Grats Ducky! Having a celebration in the Duck Pond?
  10. They are not aggressive. Best way to get there is the Orthen Teleportation Device at the Base Camp if you have that. Otherwise, probably taking the Anachronia agility course to a place near the Outpost then working your way over to it.
  11. SOLVING SLIDER PUZZLES In order to better show how it works, a numerical, instead of pictorial slider puzzle was used. Also, a 4x4 puzzle was used, but using these instructions, any sized slider puzzle can be solved. 1. Starting on the top row put all of the pieces in place except the last one. 2. Position the last piece of the top row, under where it is supposed to go and put the empty space below that. 3. Slide the pieces around using the following sequence: DOWN DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT UP RIGHT DOWN DOWN LEFT UP When the sequence is complete, the piece will be in the correct place. 4. Repeat the above steps for the remaining rows until you get to the last two. 5. When putting the last two rows in place, there are two ways to approach this part of the puzzle. The first is to mentally rotate the puzzle to the right and start back at Step 1 and progress down the rows. 6. The second way is a little less mentally challenging, but will have a different sequence. 7. Slide the lower left piece into place, then slide the piece that would go above it one position to the right and put the empty space to the right of that. 8. Slide the pieces around using the following sequence: RIGHT RIGHT UP LEFT DOWN LEFT UP RIGHT RIGHT DOWN LEFT When the sequence is complete, the piece will be in the correct place. 9. Repeat the above steps until there’s only the last three pieces. 10. To get the last three pieces into place, simply rotate them around; they will always be in the correct order.
  12. Grats Mori! That's so Grand!
  13. Just the three "hard to get" shields.
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