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  1. image.png.eac75095c6cb9eb78921dbf9e1d07d58.png

    Got a Cerberus pet!

  2. I only have some videos, but I will create a recording one of these days!
  3. I play the guitar and absolutely love it.
  4. Heck yeah, I believe that. Anything helps!
  5. That's really cool! I bet that took a lot of time!
  6. Welcome to the Runehq family, @Darth Madara

  7. Phoenix Lamps are now live!  Get XP in whatever you choose and convert your bonus XP into direct XP if you are a member!  I am not, but that's awesome!

  8. image.png.37ca1bebc558074173617c4dd35f8d67.png

    That's a lot of free XP.  Ohhhh... My.... Gosh!!!

  9. Runescape and fitness may not stereotypically go hand-in-hand, but staying in shape is important! Take a break every once in a while and get outside. I like to work out in the morning. That way, if I go on a "Runescape 'bender'," I don't feel so bad! Stay frosty!
  10. Happy Easter! 

  11. Waking up early with some coffee and... Runescape!

  12. It's windy, my house is creaking, but I am happy playing RS!

  13. Welcome to the crew!

  14. When you are training certain skills, such as fishing, you can place raw fish in your action bar and just drop them as you fish. You can also do this with bones as you are attacking!
  15. Sounds cool. I want to get more involved with this website and community. I will definitely check it out if I can.
  16. Welcome to the community!

  17. Just starting after a while of taking a break.  Happy to be back!

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