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  1. Dark, how dare you become inactive! You arent CE Manager anymore, the curse cannot take you away again!
  2. I confirmed on my level 137 acc that you can have stuff on your toolbelt and still go to Entrana.
  3. On top of what Sirius said, if you can use a familiar that can hold extra food for you, such as a war tortose for example, it can be very helpful in tight situations.
  4. Its only on RS3.
  5. Starting to self learn myself Machine code (G-Code) to help myself at work and work towards a different position 🙂


  6. Depending on time, Ill try to make it! I love Zammy!
  7. While casually drinking (idk about 12 shots into my Crown Royal Apple) I was doing god banner boost to make blood runes bc I want more so I can do Vindy super ezzzz. I made over 1600 (bc I had 30 wicked hood teleports plus 72 in bank) and got 76 runecrafting!!!
  8. Despite not being on much, do got me 3 achievements for this log: 90 Summoning 137 Combat Summoning pet!
  9. Nice gainz!!!! I only participated for a day got got 2.3m worth of XP YAY!!!
  10. Thanks everyone!!! You'll get it soon Alfa!
  11. On my way towards 99 summoning, I managed to get the pet at 85 summoning! Yay!!!! Im sorry @Alfawarlord