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  1. 99 slayer!! Time to casually work towards 120 and get the codex filled. What 99 next?? (Range is not an option. THatll come in time)
  2. I should get it as close to 1xp as possible just to annoy you
  3. I got 93 Strength 300k till 99 slayer Finished like 8 MQC achievements
  4. I personally don't think they though ahead of time about boss drops and other slayer drops that this would effect. Some slayer and bss drops are now crap. Other than that, the rework is amazing!
  5. Happy Birthday old fart! ❤️

  6. Few things last few days 85 mining Full golden mining set Imcando pickaxe
  7. You are now a big boy Alk!!!!!! Yay!!!!! You'll be on the road to SCE Shortly!
  8. What are you most excited for in this new year? 

  9. It's been a while so lets get started: Went from 83 to 85 Agility From 80 to 81 Farming 553k till 99 slayer Im deciding to work on some fishing, so I got my skills up enough to boost to get up and do small urchins.
  10. You are soo close! Get some elites done. And maybe even get a few 99's. I see you are super close in some! If you ever come to RS3, We can play together (im just starting in osrs and only play on mobile when at work lool)
  11. Damn bro gratz!!!!! Now get the 77 herblore up.