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  1. Recent gains: 100 prayer 103 smithing 101 agility 107 farming 103 construction 109 invention Got Ghostly prayer pet Got Jack of Blades title
  2. works fine for me. but the site has been known to crash on dxpw so it may have been down for a while.
  3. Not sure if we were going to do a DXPW comp but it starts in 6 hours and one wasn't setup. Soooo.... Since I like comps, since it gives me motivation, I set one up. ( @St. Squiggy if you want this to be official let me know and I can send you the info). I put a bunch of names on the list using the pre-signup list and recent comp people and tossed a few extras on. If you want in just post below and I will try and get you on as soon as I can. The comp is here: CLICK ME!!! Good Luck All and have lots of fun! Here is the list I used: Ksb Single Chathmurrpau Armahkarma With Faith Senug5 Dorky Girl Loucetios Aaros Telle Wick Swift Hankinator St Squiggy Katalex Rdranger2020 Haxorze Zing 1 Owain121 Balista77 Pixelatic Greystar Jeimuzu Aaros Stanimite alfawarlord carazen flama moo moo739 zandahar numerous one hope 1789 3ter 1 sassykookie super fly sola wind
  4. Got my zygos back do you need to borrow them? Got a glistening yak too if you need that.
  5. I got my Royal Dragon finishing the POF dragon log and completing all animal logs at POF.
  6. Recent updates: Got shiny loyal trevor finished and turned in for pet. Got shiny yak. (only royal dragon to go) got seedicide (i know i'm late to the game) at 19.2M constitution got Morty Got 106 farming Got my achievement score over 9k
  7. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  8. Beat Amy Woot! I love comps gives me motivation...
  9. So recently... Finished spider logs. Got male shiny zygo. have the trevor name still working on loyal trait finally got around to getting fire cape. finished fremmy tasks 105 Dung 107 Invention 50M Invention XP 100 & 101 Fletching
  10. Finished the Master Farmer Outfit today. Also got to 500M Clan XP
  11. Ksb Single

    The Fued

    That is armahkarma I just quoted it off of old site. they would be in her image folder in the image uploader that is currently not working so they are there. Hitori or maybe Chath would have to get them out for us.
  12. Woot!!!! Tomorrow should be the day...
  13. And just go Magical Zygomite. Not Trevor or Loyal soooo... gotta spend for the rerolls.
  14. Finished Chinchompa log and got Harlequin cow and finished the Cow log. Current completed POF logs: Rabbits Chickens Chinchompas Sheep Cows
  15. In the last 2 days I got Golden Sheep and completed POF sheep log and got Golden Chinchompa but still have a few colored chins to complete log.
  16. Well been a good day just got me a Jackalope so now my POF rabbit log is complete
  17. I've probably done things I should have listed in the last month but I didn't... Today I got a Lizard Chicken so my POF Chicken log is complete.
  18. All the current OSRS stuff we have should be yes. PIM would be highly dependent on having the CE members to make the database. Unless we get more members there would be no reasonable way to keep up with RS3 and make a OSRS database. As it is we probably don't give the OSRS stuff we have enough time...
  19. So Day 3 of DXPW provided the following: Summ 107, 108, 109 Firemaking 107 and 108
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