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  1. Yeah this: Got at around 3.3m XP Other recent stuffs 105-106 Herb 109 Slayer Up to 85 Arch
  2. A couple things from past I forgot to post: Got a 3rd age Kite shield from Hard Clue 222 Got a D Mattock from BGH Got Effy pet from buying effigys off of merchant Recent things: Doing an Aviansie slayer task last night. Decided to just kill Kree a bunch of times got Armadyl Chestplate and Armadyl hilt drops.
  3. Welp missed putting a lot of stuffs on this so here is some things: 120 Farming over 1 B total XP 115-116 Dung 115-116 Hunter Crossed 60k Rev kills (got that prestige) 100M XP in Invent Got Ancient elven wedding ring at crystal shape shifter KC of 52
  4. Those are some nice leveling skills there.
  5. That 500m XP does not seem to be that far away... Still over 6 days to go and almost to 400m XP total for all in comp. That 1B XP probably won't happen but I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility.
  6. Haven't posted in a while so here is a new thing:
  7. I got at a little over 52m xp
  8. Me! my name is my name...
  9. Everyone welcome @Chef Ranarrto the Content Editors Team.
  10. Welcome @DarkAdvisor back to the CE team!
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