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DXPW Gains - November 2018


DXPW Gains!  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Did you achieve your goal?

    • Yes, nailed and exceeded it!
    • Got it.
    • Almost, I was super close.
    • No ;-;
    • I didn't/wasn't able to participate, soooo kinda,
    • I didn't have a goal, so yes =3
  2. 2. How much xp did you gain?

    • 10m+
    • 5-10m
    • 1-5m
    • under 1m

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Now that our surprise DXPW is completed, how did you guys manage to do? As always, you're welcome to discuss the specifics below.


Some bonus questions....

Are you guys starting to prep for the next DXPW?

Do you think it will still happen in February/March or do you think they will alter the DXPW calendar at all?

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I got 20m ish xp. Honestly got more xp than I was planning and crossed 600m total xp. Also got Ghostly the prayer pet, didn't get any pets last dxp so was a pleasant surprise.


Plan for next dxp? Eh probably a little mostly on the summoning side since I ran out of blues and crims I need to stock back up on those so here comes slayer/combat...

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