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  1. 99 is way better than a rock at least Congrats!!
  2. 2 down, just a few more to go Great job!
  3. Not every week is gonna be great. Make sure you get whatever rest you need gotta remember to take care of yourself first and foremost!
  4. they apparently moved him in the "de-cluttering" of Burth/Taverley recently *sigh* I just found him in Port Sarim
  5. I believe you need to start Shadow over Ashdale to access it for the first time. After that you can use the lodestone (if activated) or speak with Gudrik again
  6. It has now been a little over a week since Jagex has released their changes to to comp capes. Here at RuneHQ, we wanted to get your thoughts on what they have done. As always, feel free to discuss below.
  7. can't touch this, #toofast at least you mentioned PNG format which I forgot
  8. you can use paint or any other image capturing program for it. we can do the rest =3 thank youuuuu
  9. This submission has been closed and was not put up on the site. If I did not reply to this topic with a reason, please feel free to send me a Personal Message.
  10. I restarted DOD and found that I was able to use the urn in New Varrock both with an (nr) and (r) cooking urn in my bank. The only issue I ran into was the fact it would not full with a completely full inventory. It is possible that because it was a heckin' old urn that there may have been some glitch associated with it as well. I'm glad you were able to work past it. Thank you for pointing out where you noticed a discrepancy on our guide
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