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  1. At least you got something out of it kc?
  2. There will always be more quests.... but at least you have the cape for now Nice work!
  3. Not too many left Great work!!
  4. Even if you are no lifeing it, who cares? it's your life and your game to play as you see fit. Super Fly hit the nail on the head for this one
  5. Another one bites the dust!! Congrats
  6. Great 1st pet. Congrats!!!
  7. "not much time" and yet you get a 120 Congratssss!
  8. ChathMurrpau


    They are not physical items to acquire, they are weapons which must be built in Big Game Hunter. To do so, you will need 1 jungle log and 1 jungle vine per scorpion. They can be built on the 3 hotspots within an instance. Create poison tipped spears (spear made from jungle logs then used on the frogs) and load them into the scorpions to fire at dinos. Hope this helped!
  9. Awesome work man, that is crazy!
  10. You're doing great!!! congrats =D
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