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  1. wut? no pic of your new stalker? I feel sad =( Congrats tho!!!
  2. try xbox support and/or google the specific problem(s) or just jab at buttons and jiggle cords until it magically works lol. Best of luck
  3. In the next week (approximately), Jagex is due to release its next new area, the Land Out of Time. Here at RuneHQ, we want to know how excited you are for this addition to the world of Gielinor. See HERE for more details about the coming area. Remember you are ALWAYS welcome to comment and discuss more about this poll topic
  4. What a shiny new stalker you have! Congrats!
  5. glad to hear it =D Welcome back!
  6. just don't fly too close to the sun enjoy your time off
  7. I believe you get that one back from Mandrith in the bank. Try talking to him.
  8. Yee-haw, dem xp gains!!! Congrats =3
  9. Con-prep time!!

    ....I wish I had more hours in the day D=

    1. Zandahar


      Time keeps on slippin' slippin'...

      In to the future........


  10. Surprise fireworks are always the best..... even if you low-key knew they were coming CONGRATSSSSS!
  11. You're on fire dude!!! Congrats
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