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Udemy courses (becoming an instructor)


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I'm trying to become an instructor on Udemy.com, but the website is experiencing some technical problems.

I have some ideas of topics and courses that I can make courses about, and I know to obviously teach to my strengths.

I'm good at Resume writing, and writing in general. Plus I'm a certified Google IT support professional, so I can also teach some technology topics.

Does anyone else have any good ideas for me about courses that I can make on Udemy?

Thank you.

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17 hours ago, Bazzy said:

Probably best asking on a Udemy website. Also wasn't you just going to college next year, and only just done X amount of courses on Udemy, and this and that on Udemy. Now within days wanting to work for Udemy. Are you an advertiser for Udemy? XD.

No I'm not an advertiser for Udemy, I'm just looking for more easy to teach topic ideas that I might be good at.

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