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Below is a list of previous forum games and a brief description of how they are(could be) played. Note that some of these games are still played. This is meant to be a comprehensive list in case anyone wanted to "revive" an old game.


Rating Games

  • Rate the song above you – User posts song, next user rates and posts a new song.
  • Rate the artist/band above you – User posts Artist or Band name, next person rates and posts a new artist/band.
  • Rate the joke above – User posts a joke, next person rates and posts a new joke.
  • Rate the Signature above – Rate the previous poster based on their signature.
  • Rate the Avatar above – Rate the previous poster based on their avatar.
  • How famous are you on RHQ – Rate the previous poster based on their forum activity.

Numerical Games

  • Count to X before “Holiday” – Counting from 1 to a specified number before a Holiday (X-mas, V-day, etc).
  • In B4 staff – Non-staff tries to have as many posts as possible before a staff posts “locked”, at which point it resets to 0. Only 4 posts per “page” per person. No double posting. Staff goal is to keep the number as low as possible, but can't lock the topic before it hits the 5th post.
  • Number wars – Start at 100, can count up or down 1. Person who gets 0 or 200 wins.
  • Count up – Post the next consecutive number. If the number posted its incorrect, pretend it is correct and continue.
  • Good vs evil - Start at 500. If you are a good person, you add 2. If you are an evil person, you subtract 2. If it reaches 1,000 good's win. If it reaches 0, the evil's win. Putting a reason why you added or subtracted doesn't hurt either. 
  • Staff vs non staff – See next post for full rules.
  • Quick they might see! – A currently online person is chosen. Everyone else must first count to 25 before that person posts, no double posts. Whomever posts #25 chooses the next target. If the chosen person posts, they get to choose the next person

All Others

  • Mafia – Several roles: killer, sheriff, medic, and a bunch of townies. Who will survive? Can follow various themes. See next post for full rules.
  • Choose your champion – Post character from any video game/book/movie/history. Next person posts someone who can beat them and how.
  • Who am I? – Post 5 hints about a person, other guess, correct person posts new set of hints for a different person.
  • Make a wish – Post a wish, continue until reaching 100 (no wishing for money).
  • You’re most like – Describe who the previous poster is most like.
  • Say something nice – Post something nice about the previous poster.
  • Ask Marco answer Polo – Person posts a question and "Marco", next person answers and says "Polo", continues. No answering yourself.
  • Word association – A word is posted. Next poster says the first word/phrase that comes to mind. Continues.
  • Would you rather – 2 choices are given. Next person chooses which they would rather have/do and posts a new set of options
  • Index finger gun - "At the point of reading this WORD your left index finger has just gone off like a shotgun. What did you hit and what was the damage? (censor please)."
  • RS phrase/Acronym - If the last post said   “G-uthix  E-mploys  M-ortals”   You then need to use the word MORTALS and could reply with something like this  “M-any  O-gres (are)  R-eally  T-all  A-nd  L-ike  S-piders”
  • Come rhyme with me – Post a word, the next person must post a word that rhymes with it. Continue.
  • The Riddle game – Post a riddle, guesses until correct. New riddle posted. Continue.
  • What does [insert acronym] stand for? – Post alternate meanings for acronyms (ex RPG -  Role Playing Game, Rocket Propelled Grenade, & Reduced Pollen Grass)
  • Guess the song – Lyrics are posted; people guess what the song is. See next post for full rules.
  • Name Anagrams – Use RSN in anagram maker. List best results given.
  • Ban the person above – Give a reason for banning the person that posted before you.
  • kiss, snog, marry, or avoid? – State which of the options you’d prefer to do with the previous poster’s avatar.
  • stupid ppl being stupid – Try to find an image of people being even more stupid than the previous person posted.
  • Try not to laugh or Grin – Post funny images to try to make people smile/giggle.
  • Post a word from the last letter of the previous word – Post the next word starting with the last letter of the previous post Ex. Spitit – Titan - Needle. Can follow a theme (ie RS items only).
  • Guess the next poster – Guess who will post after you.
  • Fill in the Blanks! – Phrase made of blanks is given. The posters guess letters, which are filled in until someone can guess the phrase.
  • Stupid Question, Ridiculous Answer – Post a ridiculous answer to the stupid question above. Post a new stupid Question. Continues.
  • Hashtag game - Post funny/stupid hashtags about RS related images.
  • Corrupt a wish – First person posts a wish and the next person corrupts it. "Wish granted but____________" and make it bad, then say a wish.
  • References – Post a short paragraph with pop culture references. Next people must then guess what is being referenced.
  • CRTL + V – Paste whatever you last copied (Nothing naughty please); feel free to explain what you were doing.
  • This or that – 2 things are given and you have to choose which you prefer and the next 2 choices. Player 1: Coke or pepsi?  Player 2: Pepsi.  Mage or Range?  Player 3: Mage.  Mac or Windows?   Player 1; Windows.  Blue or Orange?
  • True or False – A question is posted. The next person answers as True or False and supplies the next question. Continues.
  • Grab The Item – Claim the P Hat/soap/item of choice from the previous poster in whatever silly or spontaneous way you can.
  • Last one to post wins – No double posting. The last person to post wins if they can hold the spot for amount of time determined in the start post.
  • Yum or yuck – Something edible is mentioned and the next person says if they think it is yum or yuck before posting a new edible item.
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