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This is a Staff Group, which can view the Staff Boards and has a specific area of the forums assigned to manage. You can find out about the management area of a member in this group by looking at the title.


  • Content Managers
    • They are in charge of the Submissions forums. They also help to manage the team of Content Editors by giving tutorials to new editors, helping to check work logs, and helping to keep the Guides and Databases updated. Their responsibilities also include those listed for Content Editors.
    • They have the same permissions as the Forum Managers, however, it is best not to contact them regarding forum related issues (unless is it related to the Submissions Forum). You can feel free to contact them regarding any of the Guides or Databases on the main site.


  • Forum Managers
    • They are in charge of overseeing the well-being of the forums as a whole. They adjust their Moderator Team, give Moderator Tests and Tutorials, check disciplines, make sure the Moderators are doing their job, add/remove/change things on the Forums, add/remove/change things on the Category Rules, and a lot of other things behind the scenes. They have all privileges that Moderators have.


  • Community Crew Managers
    • They are responsible for helping people on site, as well as through Discord and Social Media, and planning various fun activities in game and on the forums. They are in charge of the graphics team, social media, and Events Team! 


  • Developer Managers
    • They are responsible for overseeing site projects. These projects can ensure that things run smoothly and/or look pretty. They and their team do their best to ensure that everything is in working order and any bugs are handled in a quick as possible manner.


See the RuneHQ Staff list for the current Managers.


All managers have a tag that is under their name:


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