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Wild Pirates PK/PVM Comunnity Clan

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Wild Pirates OSRS PKing Community Clan is Recruiting levels 60-118
Are you looking to PK and cant Join a Pure or Main Clan due to IRL commitments? Then this Clan you've been waiting for. 
Hello my name is John I ate a Pure | Wrathlord90 I started playing Runescape in late 2006 PKing as a small team of 6 Mature Non-Toxic Trustworthy Players. In 2013 I was in an LPC called Empire for about 3 months before joining LPC/MPC Sudden Knock Out which had closed due to Irl Family Commitment in 2014. In 2014-2015 I joined the MPC/HPC ConTrol which closed as no one stepping up to run the clans future. In 2015-2017 I was in the MPC/HPC FatalIty I had to retire as I didn’t have enough free time to attend events due to IRL Commitments and work.
In 2021 I decided to Open a PKing Community Clan for combat levels 60-118 with 1-80 defence.
Our Focus is to be a 24/7 Mature, Trustworthy, Non Toxic, PKing Community Clan without the usual commitment clans used to require to be considered a member. We aim to make all events fun and memorable that can be attended with one’s leisure time.
We have strong in game Knowledge from skilling to PKing and Bossing from New Players to Veterans and are always willing to offer help and support with questions and knowledge.
With respect to the Pure PKing Scene to Preserve the natural flow and not destroy the Pure PKing Scene our trip times will vary as we all have different IRL commitments these times can vary, however we are always willing to PK or Bossing when available to.
/!\WARNING/!\ : If you have alt accounts we require that 1 of them is 1-25 defence should we have enough players online on a Saturday or Sunday otherwise you will not be permitted to enter the PKing discord channel or the corresponding trip Clan Chat. Violations will result in warnings and continuation will result termination from Wild Pirates Community Clan.
Our Community is OSRS based, However many of our members are into many other competitive and non-competitive games such as League of Legends.
Thank you for taking your time to Read this Post its greatly appreciated. Ive probably even PKed with some in the past too.
  • I ate a Pure | Wrathlord90 Retired of FI and Proud Member of Control and Sudden Knockout

[Clan Requirements to join the PK Community Clan]
  1. Combat level: 60-118
  2. Magic level: 70+
  3. Ranged: 40+
  4. Defence: 1-80
  5. 43+ prayer reccomended (We PK Deep Wilderness) however we respect your decisions to be whatever prayer level you like (some like 43 some like 34 you know 😉 )
  6. Dessert Treasure completed
  7. Must have or can afford 20 P2P and 20 F2P Return Sets
  8. Must have access to or downloaded Discord

    [Clan Requirements to join the Bossing Community]
    1. Combat level: 60-126
    2. Attack 60+
    3. Strength: 60+
    4. Defence: 1-99
    5. Ranged: 70+
    6. Prayer: 43+
    7. Magic: 70+
    8. Dessert Treasure Completed
    9. Must have access to or downloaded Discord
    Home world: 320 | Hat: Black/Red | Team Cape: 42 | Clan Chat: Wild Pirates |
    Discord: https://discord.gg/VW8hvCkgd9 | Forums: https://wildpirates.boards.net/
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