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This is a staff group that is ultimately in charge of RuneHQ. They help ensure that everything runs smoothly, while focusing on their respective groups and supporting the site as a whole. Site Admins run the behind the scenes action at RuneHQ, making sure the best quality of content is on site while keeping the forums in pristine condition. 


The current active Site Admin positions, and a little about what they do, include:

  • Forum Admin - Handles anything to do with the forums in general.
  • Community Admin - Handles all the social media and community engagement part of out amazing site, including competitions and Events.
  • Content Admin - Makes sure all the content seen on the main site is done correctly and in a timely fashion.
  • Clan Admin - Handles everything to do with the RuneHQ clan on RuneScape.

See the RuneHQ Staff list for the current admins.


Stormys_Amazon and Dravan are the current Owners of RuneHQ and also act as Site Admins. It is thanks to them, and Mr Stormy initially, that RuneHQ is here with us today.



Site Admins have a Rank Image next to all their posts, saying "Site Admin".


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