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Learning to Pk in OSRS.


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To make a long story short.... I suck at pking, but I would love to learn. Can anyone think of some good runescape pk beginners guides/ videos that would help?


I want to build a 99 str pure build (I've always wanted one) but I've just never could figure out the ways to go about it. I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

*** NOTE: I am currently unable to play at the moment due to financial issues ***

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Hi xkillincowsx,

Firstly I would suggest researching the type of build you wanted to create, as pk’ing methods will be slightly different per build. Once you’ve established a clear build, there’s bound to be a tonne of guides on youtube! I have an incomplete zerk (60attack-90strength-45defence 95-range). 

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