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  1. Welcome to the Family!

  2. Welcome to the Family!

  3. Sorry guys, I'm back, I'm not actually playing Runescape yet (still have to save money) but hopefully soon I'll be able to join everyone on the action 

  4. good morning, hope you have a good day

    1. Krygore


      LIkewise! Idk where you are from, but this is the first full week this year that we have had sunshine and temps in the 60s! I got nothing to complain about! ^_^

  5. Welcome to the RuneHQ Club! Have a Good Day!

  6. Good Morning to you!

  7. Have an Awarding Day!

  8. I Am The Unofficial Greeter of The Forums. Mwuaha ha ha ha *coughs* ha ha.

  9. Welcome to the RuneHQ Family.

  10. *****DISCLAIMER: MY KNOWLEDGE IS BASED ON INFORMATION FROM 6-7 YEARS AGO, BUT REGARDLESS, THE FUNDAMENTALS REMAIN THE SAME***** First Day Ever... Money Making Guide 1) Mobility is Key. So your very first thing to do is to go around the world and activate all of the Lodestones. 2) Grand Exchange. Do the Tutorial since we will eventually need it in our Adventures to come. 3) Safety Stronghold. By going through the Safety Stronghold you get 2 Items that are useful at very low levels. GP and Safety Gloves. (They provide combat bonuses, at level 3, you can't beat it.) 4) Stronghold of Security. By running through this and getting to the Cradle of Life, you will get some much needed GP and you will have your pick of Combat Boots or Fancy Boots. (It doesn't matter which, they provide the same combat bonuses.) 5) Lumbridge Training Grounds. Free exp. If you complete all of the tasks with full marks, you can use the exp lamps to level Range from 1 to about Level 27. (It's the same for any of the Combat Skills.) 6) Fish and Tackle Shop at Port Sarim. You should have about 15k GP from the Safety Stronghold and the Stronghold of Security. So buy the 1k Feathers that they have at the shop. (They replenish every day for you.) Go to the Grand Exchange and cut some Trees down. Start making 1k Arrow Shafts. Fletch the Arrow Shafts into Headless Arrows. Sell at the G.E. (Yes, I know this is a Members Skill but NonMembers can still train it to Level 5.) 7) Kill Cows. The Wealth that you can accumulate at low levels by KillinCows is simply hard to pass up. If you wanted to you can train about 3 or 4 different skills by the loot that you receive by KillinCows. If that doesn't interest you then you can sell all the loot at the G.E. (You can tan the Cowhides in Al Kharid for free and sell the Tanned Cowhides for even more.) Well, that is all I can do for the short amount of time that I have, I will keep adding to it hopefully in the days to come. Good Luck out there! -xKillinCowsx
  11. Whats up Emmie? Hope you had a Good Day today!

    1. Emmie


      Thanks! Sorry I've been away, I was moving into a new place! 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

  12. I started playing runescape back in 2003 and my first ever character: RedDragon69 was forever stuck at Tutorial Island. I thought I was the greatest and didn't bother reading the box text at the Wizards House. I couldn't kill the Chicken with my runes. lmfao.
  13. Welcome to the RuneHQ Club!

  14. Welcome to the club Apophis_21. Glad to have you here.

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