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  1. good morning, hope you have a good day

    1. Krygore


      LIkewise! Idk where you are from, but this is the first full week this year that we have had sunshine and temps in the 60s! I got nothing to complain about! ^_^

  2. wish i can begin playing again... but alas its not to be just yet
  3. Welcome to the RuneHQ Club! Have a Good Day!

  4. i cant wait to join you guys and play.
  5. Good Morning to you!

  6. Have an Awarding Day!

  7. What... I need to start playing again. i need my phone tho
  8. I Am The Unofficial Greeter of The Forums. Mwuaha ha ha ha *coughs* ha ha.

  9. Welcome to the RuneHQ Family.

  10. *****DISCLAIMER: MY KNOWLEDGE IS BASED ON INFORMATION FROM 6-7 YEARS AGO, BUT REGARDLESS, THE FUNDAMENTALS REMAIN THE SAME***** First Day Ever... Money Making Guide 1) Mobility is Key. So your very first thing to do is to go around the world and activate all of the Lodestones. 2) Grand Exchange. Do the Tutorial since we will eventually need it in our Adventures to come. 3) Safety Stronghold. By going through the Safety Stronghold you get 2 Items that are useful at very low levels. GP and Safety Gloves. (They provide combat bonuses, at level 3, you can't beat it.)
  11. It seems like they know they goofed on something and went overkill on the i am sorrys. lol.
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