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  1. I like to work out when not working or playing. 450lbs on this Leg Press.
  2. Welcome to the Family!

  3. Yes, it is working! Thanks for the fix!
  4. This is the only one that I have found that works. Which I definitely joined.
  5. I tried joining from our Forums as well with the same result.
  6. Just tried to join the Discord Server but it says that the Invite is invalid.
  7. Currently don't play Runescape due to Financial Issues but I did both of these things because they kept the insanity at bay from grinding! Lol!
  8. It's all good man, can you please let us know when it's up and running again? Thanks bro!
  9. My job is my work out haha. I'm a Garbage Man so I haul a bunch of couches and all manner of things. Someone once filled a trash can with a combination of cement, water, and dirt... I left it there that thing had to of been like 400lbs. But short of that... I'm fit.
  10. Hello, I had just tried to donate but it said that the organization is not eligible to receive them. I'll post the screen shot so you may view what I had seen. Just thought you should know.
  11. Welcome to the Family!

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