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December 10, 2021 - 11th Annual Golden Gnome Awards: RuneScape Finalists

Mr Quick

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Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com



11th Annual Golden Gnome Awards: RuneScape Finalists

Last week we asked you to nominate your favourite content and content creators, and you answered our call in your thousands! So without further ado, let's take a look at your picks for the 11th Annual Golden Gnome Awards finalists:


Best New RuneScape Video Creator

This award celebrates the new kids on the block, who started making videos just this year! They might be newcomers, but this category is packed full of talent.


The nominees are:


Best RuneScape Video Creator


And now for the old guard! These video veterans have been creating top-tier RuneScape content for years – but which one will get your vote?


The nominees are:


Best RuneScape Video


This year our video nominees have been pushing the boundaries of content creation – but which one will win your vote?


The nominees are:


Best New RuneScape Streamer


It takes time and effort to Twitch your way to fame and fortune, but this year the following newcomers have made an excellent start!


The nominees are:


Best RuneScape Streamer


This year we've had more time to enjoy our favourite streamers than ever – so hopefully you're all well equipped to pick one to vote for!


The nominees are:


Best New RuneScape Artist


These budding Bob Rosses picked up their paintbrushes and started creating RuneScape art for the first time this year! Which one will get your vote?


The nominees are:


Best RuneScape Artist


Every year these artists pour blood sweat and tears – and hopefully some paint, too – into their work, so let's celebrate their efforts and cast some votes!


The nominees are:


Best RuneScape Artistic Creation


Look, you can see for yourselves that every one of these magnificent creations deserves a spot in the MOMA – but only one can receive the Golden Gnome!


The nominees are:


Best RuneScape Cosplay Creation


Loads of you submitted images of yourselves in your fabulous costumes, wielding mighty props of all stripes, but only the best can make it through to the finals.


Please note: Due to the way voting has worked out this year, we'll instead be announcing the winner of this category during the awards ceremony livestream on December 17th!


We'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who cast their vote, and an equally large congratulations to all of our brilliant finalists!


What's Next?


All that's left to do now is vote for the winners! You can cast your vote on this page: rs.game/GG11-Finals at any time until midnight on December 16th. The awards ceremony itself will take place on December 17th in a spectacular livestream extravaganza!


- The RuneScape Team


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