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February 25, 2022 - Yak Track: Path of the Creators II

Mr Quick

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Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com



Yak Track: Path of the Creators II

Yak Track: Path of the Creators II

Yak Track is back – and with new reasons to play!

If you’ve never hit the track before, here’s everything you need to know.


We’ve made it to double figures folks – the 10th Yak Track will commence on February 28th! But what new bonuses do we have in store for you this time? And what’s the deal if you’re a first time Track-trekker?

So, just why is the 10th Track better than ever, you ask?

  • Awesome Elder Gods theme – with prizes inspired by Bik and Ful!
  • More time on the Track – you've got a whole two months to earn those prizes!
  • More flexible than ever – complete freedom to play however you want. For the very first time, you can progress EVERY SINGLE TASK just by skilling and killing!

Sounds good, right?

Introducing Yak Track: Path of the Creators II


Yak Track is a regular event where you can earn rewards by completing tasks across Gielinor. There are typically four a year, and so far, they’ve always lasted six weeks. But hey, this is our 10th outing and we reckon that’s worth celebrating, so this time you're getting a full two months – Path of the Creators II will run from February 28th to April 24th!

Following on from the first Yak Track: Path of the Creators last year, we’re returning to an Elder Gods theme, with prizes worthy of the mighty Ful and Bik. Scroll down to check out our spectacular rewards!


There are 50 tasks available, testing all sorts of different skills, from cooking to killing monsters. There are rewards for each task, but don't worry if you don’t fancy completing one – you can always use a Task Skip.

You'll need to purchase Task Skip tokens from the event interface using Bonds. It costs 1 Bond for four tokens, or 2 Bonds for 10.

And if you have any Task Skips left over at the end of the event, you can always save them for the next Yak Track later in the year!

'Earn Your Way'

As well as Task Skips, you can also take the 'Skill and Kill' option, which means you can complete a task just by playing normally - i.e. earning XP or killing enemies. This way, you're making progress on the Track and earning your rewards just by getting on with your usual activities! For the first time ever, we're giving you this option for every single one of the 50 tasks. However, progress will be slower and more steady than when completing the standard tasks.


Rewards include cosmetics, pets and useful items which you’d normally obtain from Treasure Hunter (Prismatic Lamps, Protean Packs, Oddments for Ironman players, etc).

There are two prize tracks – the free track (available to F2P and members) and Premium (only available to Premier Club Members or Premier Pass holders). The latter gives you prizes from both tracks.

You can unlock the Premium track by having an active Premier Club membership, or buying a Premier Pass for 2 Bonds in the interface. And remember – if you start completing tasks and then gain a Premier Pass later, all of the extra rewards you would have earned will automatically unlock for you!

Ironman accounts can get cosmetic rewards and Oddments but nothing that boosts XP, of course.

Note that all weapons and armour from Yak Tracks are cosmetic overrides. To claim your rewards, you must have enough space in your Backpack!

Here is what you can get

Task Set Member Rewards
Free Premium
1 Bik Acolyte's Outfit +10% XP Boost
2 Ful Templar's Greataxe Medium Prismatic Star
3 2x Small Dwarven Toolbox Bik Templar's Bow
4 Medium Prismatic Star Medium Prismatic Lamp
5 Ful Templar's Shortsword Medium Cash Bag
6 Small Protean Pack 2 Protean Powerups
7 Medium Prismatic Star Medium Smouldering Lamp
8 3 Pulse Cores Bik Templar's Greatsword
9 2 Combat Training Dummies Medium Skilling Dummy Crate
10 Drake of Bik Pet Medium Prismatic Lamp
11 Ful Templar's Crossbow Medium Cash Bag
12 Medium Prismatic Star Medium Smouldering Lamp
13 Medium Protean Pack Ful Templar's Spear
14 Medium Lava Lantern Medium Phoenix Lamp
15 Bik Templar's Longsword Large Prismatic Star
16 Medium Smouldering Lamp Bik Templar's Halberd
17 Bik Templar's Shield 2x Small Dwarven Toolbox
18 50 Silverhawk Feathers 3 Pulse Cores
19 Medium Prismatic Lamp Ful Acolyte's Wand
20 Ful Acolyte's Outfit Large Prismatic Lamp
21 Large Prismatic Star Bik Templar's Spear
22 2 Easy Clue Scrolls Medium Protean Pack
23 Large Prismatic Lamp Bik Templar's Shortsword
24 Medium Cash Bag Medium Portable Skilling Pack
25 Harbinger of Bik (Title) +10% XP Boost
26 Large Prismatic Star Large Smouldering Lamp
27 Bik Acolyte's Wand Large Cash Bag
28 4 Pulse Cores Large Phoenix Lamp
29 5 Combat Dummies Ful Templar's Shield & Large Prismatic Star
30 Huge Prismatic Lamp Sentinel of Bik Pet & Large Dwarven Toolbox
31 Large Lava Lantern Large Lava Lantern
32 Ful Templar's Bow 2 Hard Clue Scrolls
33 Large Prismatic Lamp Huge Prismatic Lamp
34 Ful Templar's Greatsword Huge Prismatic Star
35 Huge Prismatic Star Bik Templar's Outfit & Huge Smouldering Lamp
36 Large Protean Pack 5 Protean Powerups
37 Large Cash Bag Bik Templar's Greataxe5 Pulse Cores
38 Huge Prismatic Star Ful Acolyte's Staff & Huge Smouldering Lamp
39 5 Combat Dummies Huge Phoenix Lamp
40 Drake of Ful Pet 2 Small Knowledge Bombs & Progress Booster for next Yak track
41 Ful Templar's Longsword Huge Prismatic Star
42 Large Cash Bag Large Skilling Dummy Crate & Huge Prismatic Lamp
43 Large Protean Pack Bik Acolyte's Staff & Protean Powerups
44 Huge Prismatic Lamp Huge Prismatic Star
45 2x Large Dwarven Toolbox Ful Templar's Outfit & Giant Prismatic Star
46 Bik Templar's Crossbow Giant Prismatic Lamp
47 8 Pulse Cores Ful Templar's Halberd & Large Skilling Dummy Crate
48 2x Elite Clue Scroll 2 Deathtouched Darts
49 Harbinger of Ful (Title) 3 Small Knowledge Bombs
50 Giant Prismatic Star Sentinel of Ful PetGiant Smouldering Lamp

And we're done! With two months of playtime, we're sure you'll have every chance of grabbing every reward that tickles your fancy. Yak Track is back on February 28th!




- The RuneScape Team


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