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[Submission Added]Abyssal Flesh(add)


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Item Name: Abyssal Flesh

Type of Submission (Edit or Add): Add

Image: 1316668236_Abyssalflesh.jpg.f1e2751e8208834fd80164b3c5bae8fd.jpg

Proofshot Image:1204614164_ProofimageAbyssalflesh.jpg.1366df6af6d2ea11665f42454cb0b9ff.jpg

Shop Price Currency: Coins

Specialty Shop Price: N/A

High Alchemy Reward: 31 gp

Low Alchemy Reward: 20 gp


GE Buy Limit: 500

Tradable (Yes or No): Yes

Stackable (Yes or No): Yes

Can be equipped (Yes or No): No

Member-Only (Yes or No): Yes

Retain After Quest (Yes, No or N/A): N/A

Is a 2-handed weapon (Yes or No): No

Item Category: Crafting

Equipment Location: Not equipment

Equipment Purpose: Not equipment

Item Stats: N/A

Weight: 0g

Examine Info: A fleshy lump of Abyssal origin, full of parasites.

Proofshot of Examine:Proofexamine.jpg.e0846bacfeadf0fbd1f3fad985a06956.jpg

Item Effects/Uses: This item is a component used in the crafting of Abyssal armour spikes & Abyssal armour spikes(alloy).

Requirements to Wear/Wield/Use/Make: Level 1 smithing required to make Abyssal armour spikes giving 10 exp. One Abyssal flesh + 10 armour spikes = 10 abyssal Armour spikes

Location/Where Found: Dropped by abyssal Savages, Beasts and lords in Senntisten Asylum.

Other Information:

Submitted by: Robbie

Edited by Robbie
missing info
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Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.

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