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  1. Hello, Don't worry about the dark text. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will get it updated asap. For any other issues relating to our guides, please post them in the Content submissions folder (https://forums.runehq.com/index.php?/forum/162-content-submissions/) using the correct sub folder for your submission. Thank you.
  2. Killing lots of birb was making my gear level up super fast so was getting lots and lots of xp's. But to get the remaining 300k i just dissed my rod-o-matic. Thank you!
  3. So i decided i was bored with being a normal inventor, so i became super! This is my first 120 skill...here's me thinking it would take me years.
  4. Congrats @Numerous One What's next on the list?
  5. You're getting there! Just don't burn yourself out with the thought of "I Want to Max NOWW" It'll happen Also, don't wait for DXP for summoning, just do Amlodd hour (If you have it) once a day and you will certainly hit it rather fast. Congrats on the magic level!
  6. You deffo got them in the bag, POF is easy once you get setup, on an ironman i can imagine how hard that would be. One bit of advice, complete the logs of the animals you are currently doing, this way it won't be a pain in the future. Good luck!
  7. Yeah, they can be super slow, like thousands of KC (like my Kree pet) or super fast like this one. I was just lucky to get it at such a low KC. Thanks!
  8. Thank you and Yeah, wasn't expecting it to happen so fast Thank you and My RNG decided to give me the wrong pet though! but atleast i have one less pet to get
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