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April 22, 2022 - Upcoming Improvements To Treasure Hunter

Mr Quick

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Upcoming Improvements To Treasure Hunter

Hey 'Scapers,

We've been continuing to improve and refine the Treasure Hunter experience over the past few years. Our last major update focused on adding more transparency, primarily through Probability Disclosures, but also by simplifying the experience and removing the near-defunct Hearts of Ice to focus on Oddments.

Next Monday, we're looking to deliver three more key improvements to the Treasure Hunter experience:

  • Focus on Oddments and simplify the user experience for prize choices.
  • Address some balancing and in-game economy issues with certain items, such as Silverhawk Feathers.
  • Improve the Oddments Store experience in general.

The Oddments Store has become an increasingly important part of the Treasure Hunter experience, with the ability to turn unwanted prizes into a flexible currency that you can spend on past Yak Track cosmetics, or consumables like Lamps or Stars.

With this update, our plan is to improve the overall experience, from updating the UI to removing limited daily sales while reducing Oddments pricing.

One of the ways we'll also do this is by removing the conflicting layers of the Oddments Store and the multi-prize selection. After this update, all the focus will be on Oddments as the prize opt-out for players who don’t want their initial prize. This will then give us the opportunity to address some balancing issues caused by the conflicting systems, especially the most affected items such as Silverhawk Feathers, Proteans and Springs.

Here's a look at the full list of changes to come:

Oddments Store

Content Improvements

  • Added the Legendary Pets Water Lycan and Fire Lycan into the Oddments Store for 50,000 Oddments each.
  • Removed randomised sales from Treasure Hunter Keys, Medium Prismatic Lamps and Medium Prismatic Stars, but slightly lowered their prices.
  • Doubled the daily purchase caps on Treasure Hunter Keys, Medium Prismatic Lamps, Medium Prismatic Stars, Small Protean Packs, Cinder Cores and Pulse Cores in the Oddments Store.
  • Consolidated various items in the Oddments Store into packs.

UX Improvements

  • Added more details to the consumable items' preview descriptions in the Oddments Store.
  • Added a ‘New!’ banner for items that have just been added to the Oddments Store. This will show for 14 days.
  • Added banners to every item with a daily purchase cap, which will display the number of purchases remaining for that day.
  • The Oddments store now uses the preview screen of the Spotlight tab. The preview screen has been updated to show more visual previews of outfits, pets and animations.
  • Oddments Store item cards now show prices with separators at a cost of 1,000 Oddments or above.
  • Increased the size of item card icons in the Oddments Store.
  • Replaced any low-resolution item card icons in the Oddments Store with high resolution ones.
  • Stopped the scroll position in the Oddments Store from resetting when clicking on an item card.
  • Standardised item names and descriptions as well as purchase messages in the Oddments Store.
  • Updated the order of item cards in the Oddments Store so that filling columns is now prioritised over filling rows.
  • Stopped item titles from spilling out of their text area by truncating the names and adding ‘...’ for those over a certain length.


  • Added a + button to the Oddments Store count in the header of the Marketplace which opens the Treasure Hunter interface when clicked.
  • Renamed the Rewards tab in the Oddments Store to Consumables

Treasure Hunter

  • The multiple-choice Treasure Hunter prize selection screen has been removed.
  • Oddment prizes have been removed from the Treasure Hunter drop table.
  • The number of portable items received from portable packs has been reduced.
    • Any unopened portable packs acquired before April 25th will not be impacted.
  • The convert confirm functionality was changed and will no longer ask for confirmation on white and yellow tier prizes but will for higher tiers.
  • Improved auto-redeem messaging to remove spam.
  • Spring Cleaner is now available on the loot table again if the player does not own it already.
  • Players can no longer gain lucky items as a super rare reward from chests.
  • Combat Dummies no longer appear in Red or Purple Tier prizes.
  • Spirit Gems can now be noted.
  • Protean Packs have been replaced with Protean-specific items.

That’s it for the new-look Treasure Hunter! Thank you to everyone who continues to provide us constructive feedback and insights into your Treasure Hunter experience.

All the best,

- The RuneScape Team


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