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Hi, Not sure if anyone remembers me at this point but I'm happy to see RuneHQ is still going...


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My name I go by these days is DJ Sassy, but if there is anyone left from way back in the day you may remember as my OG ign March1392. I was a former Content Editor and Validator for about 2ish years iirc and I always loved the community. I randomly thought of all my good friends from back in the day Roo, DarkBlitz, Senug, Alfa, Stormy and others and I figured I would come and see if the community was still alive; and I'm glad to see it is. Anyway about a year and a half ago I started on a fresh ironman after not have playing rs3 since my original account was hacked and botted to death in like 2012. I also have played and maxed an OSRS account in 2018. I've been hooked since I came back. About 4-5 days a week I stream in the morning eastern time on twitch (twitch.tv/djsassy) on my Ironman and have a blast playing it. Anyway I'd love to reconnect with old friends or make new friends in this community I was very fond of growing up. My friends chat is always on generally as well. IGN: "Not DJ Sassy".


DJ Sassy aka March1392.

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